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Mu-sigma Candidate Experiences


Mu sigma selection procedure 

First round was the online test which contains both general aptitude and technical (basic c concepts). 
Next was G
roup discussion, Case studies and Technical and Hr Interview 

Im sharing you guys some questions based on my memory 

Written test: 
There were 16 aptitude questions given for 20 minutes.
1. 2 containers labeled A and B are filled with red and blue marbles in given quantities: -

Container         RED         BLUE
A                     6             4
B                     60             40
Each container is shaken vigorously. After choosing 1 of the container, without looking, draw out a marble. 
From which container you have the max probability of choosing a blue marble?
(a) Container A (6 red, 4 blue)-Ans.
(b) Container B (60 red, 40 blue)
(c) Equal chances from each container. 

2. The school committee of a small town wanted to determine the average children per household of the town. 
They divided the total no. of children in the town by total no. of households. 
Total no. of households = 50. Which of the following statements must be true if the average children per household are 2.2?
(a) Half the households in the town have more than 2 children
(b) There are total of 110 children in the town.
(c) More households in the town have 3 children than have 2 children.
(d) The most common no. of children in a household is 2.

3. For 1 month, 500 elementary students kept a daily record of the no. of hours of watching television. 
The average no. of hours per week spent watching television was 28hours. Researchers conducting the study also obtained report cards for each of the students. 
It was found that the students, who did well in school spent less time watching television and those who spent more time, did poorly. Listed below several possible statements concerning the research. 
Place a check on the statement that is definitely not true.
(a) The students who watch television more performed poorly.
(b) If the students will not watch television their performance will improve.

4. When 2 dice are simultaneously thrown, is it possible that one of the ____ occurs. 
Result 1: A 5 and a 6 are obtained. 
Result 2: A 5 is obtained twice. Select the response that you agree with the most.
(a) The chances of obtaining each of these results is equal.
(b) There is more chance of obtaining result 1.
(c) There is more chance of obtaining result 2.
(d) It is impossible to give an answer. (Please explain why)

5. When 3 dice are simultaneously thrown, which of the following would be obtained?
(a) Result 1: “A 5, a 3 and a 6”
(b) Result 2:” A 5 three times”
(c) Result 3:”A 5 twice and a 3”
(d) All three results are equally likely.

6. A teacher wants to change the seating arrangement in the class in order to improve the no. of comments given by the students in the class. 
She 1st decides to change the seating arrangement of the students in the class. The no. of comments made by 8 students during a period are given below:
Serials A.A R.F G.H D.C A.F C.M S.S C.G
No. of comments 0 5 2 22 2 3 4 1
What should be the method adopted by her to get the accurate results.
(a) Throw out the 22, add up the other 7 no.s and divide by 7
(b) Throw out the 0, add up the other 7 no.s and divide by 7
© Add the 8 no.s and divide by 8.
(d) None of these.

7. A new medicine has been developed and its effectiveness has been determined by carrying out an experimental study. 30 patients were divided into groups of 20 and 10. 
The group having 20, were given medicine while the other group dint get any medication. The results obtained where as follows:-

                    Medication         Non-medication
Improved             8                         2
Unimproved          12                        8
Based on data, I think medication was:-
(a) somewhat effective as in 8 patients improved while in other only 2 improved.
(b) Basically ineffective because difference between improved and unimproved where 6 and 4 respectively.
(c) Basically ineffective because in the control group, also 2 patients improved without taking any medicine.
d) Somewhat effective because 40% of the students improved in medication (8/20),and only 20% improved in case of control (2/10).

Technical and HR Interview Questions:
The next interview was HR..They showed us a few pictures and asked to make a story out of it.The rest of the stuff was generic...hobbies, personal life etc
They mainly involved puzzles and grilling based on your skills(from resume).
They also test your analysis skills.Among other small puzzles , they gave me this problem for analysis - 
A client tells you that he wants to build a supermarket.Ask him as many questions as you want and come up with the number of people he wil have to employ.

1) Tell me something about yourself and started to grill on the basis of the resume.
2) Your strength and weakness, any 3?
3) Explain yourself?
4) Tell us about your hobbies?
5) Why Mu Sigma? What you know about Mu Sigma India?

Technical covers C,C++ and a bit of java

A bacterium doubles in a day. A bacterium is kept in a container. After 10 days the container is completely filled with bacteria. How much time will take to half fill the container?