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Mu-Sigma Interview Experience

Mu Sigma is a management consulting firm that primarily offers analytics services. Mu sigma recruites every year a large number of candidates. This paper contains interview experience of a candidate which helps candidate's to understand the interview pattern of Mu Sigma.

                                              Mu Sigma Interview Experience

Hi Friends,
I attended Mu Sigma walk in held at Bangalore .It was for 1 to 3 years experience, there were 35 questions to be answered in 45 mins all were on .NET and I am contributing those questions which i remember.I hope this will help thousands of Job seekers who are trying for a job on .NET technology.

1) Can .asp & .aspx pages work if placed in same virtual directory?

2) Does different versions on .NET framework & different versions of assemblies work side by side (Clue: Side by side execution)

3) Can you typecast one Object type to another Object type or One object type to another data type (Clue: Boxing & Unboxing)

4) A question about GAC(Global Assembly cache) and the files it contains?

5) A question about Application Domain and does it interfere with OS Process.

6) A question on session timeout on an page and whether the session time out duration depend on the duration set in code or does it depend on IIS(Internet Information Services) setting and if both are specified which setting overrides which? Also whether it will take smaller time or greater time in to consideration.

7) How can assemblies be created in .NET ? (clue: Using visual (or) using al.exe (or) using reflection.emit)

8) What is a satellite assembly and what does it contain?

9) Also 4 to 5 questions were on assembly. I recommend to have a dissected look of the assembly.

10) What will an Erase command do? Erases the contents of array or Erases the whole array structure & frees memory.

11) How is anchoring different from docking? (clue: its related to windows/web controls)

12) What is serialization in .NET? What are different types of serialization and advantages and disadvantages?

13) Are RCW(Runtime Callable Wrapper) and P/Invoke different and how?

14) What is Strong Naming? What details does it contain? how can it be created (Clue: Using SN.exe)

15) What information does Culture identity contain?

16) What is a Diffgram? (Clue: Related to XML)

17) What is UDDI(Universal Discovery Description and Integration) ?

18) Also a program on Exception handling was given and asked which part will exectute and which throw an error?

19) What is Managed and Unmanaged code in .NET?

20) Can we use redim on array already declared in VB.NET? if yes, can we redim with in a class? within a module? or with in a program?

These were the questions, I wish all Best of luck.