MPPSC Paper |   3219


                                         MPPSC Solved Question Paper

1. In which district of MP is the Industry of traction alternators of Diesel engines proposed in the rail budget 2012-13 ?
A. Satna
B. Gwalior
C. Vidisha
D. Bhopal
Ans: C

2. In which district of P Mandideep Industrial cluster is situated ?
A. Vidisha
B. Bhopal
C. Sehore
D. Raisen
Ans: D

3. In which district of MP is railway sleeper manufacturing factory situated ?
A. Sehore
B. Bhopal
C. Hoshangabad
D. Betul
Ans: A

4. Who was the first woman CM of MP ?
A. Vimla Sharma
B. Vijaya Raje Scindia
C. Nirmala Yadav
D. Uma Bharti
Ans: D

5. Jaldeep Yojana was initially started by MP Govt. from which reservoir ?
A. Indira Sagar
B. Gandhi Sagar
C. Baan Sagar
D. Yehswant Sagar
Ans: A

6. At present, who is the speaker of MP Assembly ?
A. Ishwardas Rohani
B. Mukund Navalkar
C. Sreenivas Tewari
D. None of above
Ans: A

7. Who was the of MP on 1-11-2000 at the time of division f state ?
A. Arjun Singh
B. Digvijay Singh
C. Sundarlal Patwa
D. Virendra Kumar Saklecha
Ans: B

8. From where the Reliance industries got the coal bed Methane reserve in MP ?
A. Suhagpur
B. Guna
C. Balaghat
D. Rewa
Ans: A

9. Where is Dushyant kumar manuscript museum situated ?
A. Bhopal
B. Jabalpur
C. Ujjain
D. Balaghat
Ans: C

10. Who constructed the Sanchi stupa ?
A. Chandragupta
B. Gautam Budha
C. Mahavira
D. Ashoka
Ans: D

11. Which of the following protocol may be used for accessing world wide web ?
D. None of above
Ans: A

12. Which of the following is the valid domain name extension ?
A. .com
B. .gov
C. .net
D. All the above
Ans: D

13. URL Stands for ?
A. Unique resource locator
B. Universal Resource Locator
C. Uniform Resource Locator
D. United Resource Locator
Ans: C

14. E-mail stands for ?
A. Elecrical Mail
B. Electonic Mail
C. Elastic Mail
D. None of above
Ans: D

15. Which of the following is free E-Mail service provider ?
A. Hotmail
B. Rediffmail
C. Yahoo
D. All the above
Ans: D

16. HTML stands for ?
A. Hybrid Text Markup Language
B. Hypertext Markup Language
C. Higher Text Markup Language
D. None of Above
Ans: B

17. A computer virus is ?
A. A computer program that can replicate itself
B. A Virus that affect health of Human Being
C. Both of above
D. None of Above
Ans: A

18. A Computer hacker is ?
A. A person who maintains computer security
B. a person who vilates computer security with malicious intension for personal gain
C. a person responsible for safe operation
D. a person who repairs computer
Ans: B

19. Video conferencing is ?
A. conduct of vide calls using telecom technology
B. Conduct of telephone calls
C. conduct f video conference using a set of telescope technology
D. None of the above
Ans: A

20. Cyber crime is ?
A. Hacking
B. Stalking
C. Denial of Service attach
D. All of the above
Ans: D

21. Which of the following musician was selected in 2013 for Lifetime achievement Grammy Award ?
A. Pandit Grijishankar
B. Jakir Hussaen
C. AR Rehman
D. Pandit Ravishankar
Ans: D

22. MP accountant general’s office is situated in which of the following cities ?
A. Bhopal
B. Gwalior
C. Jabalpur
D. Reva
Ans: B

23. In which city is RCVP Naronha administrative academy situated ?
A. Jabalpur
B. MMussoorie
C. Mumbai
D. Bhopal
Ans: A

24. All offences punishable under the protection of Civil Right Act. 1955 are ?
A. Cognizable and Non-Bialable
B. Cognizbale and Non-Compoundable
C. Non-Cognizable and Bialable
D. Non-Cognizable and commoundable
Ans: B

25. An offence arising out of “Untouchability” would not made out where ?
A.The act of accused with regard to the enjoyment f benefit under a charitable trust created for the benefit of any section of the general public
B. The act of accused is with regard to the use of finery
C. As accused is not being copetent to commit an offence
D. The accused and complainant victim belong to the same social group.
Ans: D