Mizoram PSC Aptitude-English Contributed by Tani updated on Oct 2021
Mizoram PSC Paper |   580

Mizoram PSC Paper

                          Mizoram Public Service Commission Placement Paper

1. If product of two sequential positive odd numbers is 255, find those numbers. 
(1) 15, 17 
(2) 16, 17 
(3) 19, 16 
(4) 18, 15

2. Rajanju purchased an old car for : 60,000. After one year he sold it for Z 45,000. What is the percentage loss ?
(1) 15 
(2) 20 
(3) 30 
(4) 25

3. What will be the digit at ten's place if first nine numbers from the series 4,44, 444, ... are added together ?

4. London is ahead in time by 5 hours than New York. New Delhi is ahead in time by 5 hours 30 minutes than London. What will be time in New York when time in New Delhi is 1:54 PM ?
(1)3:24 AM
(2)2:24 AM
(3)4: 24 AM
(4)8:24 AM

5. The normal salt intake, to avoid complications like hypertension, should be
(1)2.5 gm/day 
(2)7.8 gm/day
(3)5 gm/day 
(4)1.2 gm/day

6. The process of splitting of a heavier nucleus into lighter nuclei together with release of energy is called
(1)nuclear fusion 
(2)nuclear fission
(3)chemical reaction 
(4)combination reaction

7. Reproduction in Spirogyra takes place by ---------------- method.
(3)vegetative and sexual 
(4)neither vegetative nor sexual

8. Sunflower is a---------------plant.

9. Biogas contains 60% of ---------- gas.
(4)carbon dioxide

10. In saturated hydrocarbons, bond between two carbon atoms is of type.
(1)single bond 
(2)double bond
(3)triple bond 
(4)ionic bond

11. --------------- is the smallest planet of our solar system and the one nearest to the Sun.

12. LPG consists of
(1)methane and ethane 
(2)methane and butane
(3)butane and isobutane 
(4)hydrogen and methane

13.The element having complete octet is

14. If a current 0.5A is passed through a wire of resistance 20ohm,the potential difference across the wire should be
(1)2 volt 
(2)1.5 volt
(3)1 volt 
(4)10 volt

15. Anomalous behaviour of water means when temperature of water is raised from 0°C to 4°C it
(3)remains unchanged
(4)initially it contracts then expands

16. MKS unit of pressure is

17. Palegar's revolt took place in
(1)South India 
(2) North India 

18. Who was the president of Calcutta National Congress Session held in 1906 A.D.?
(1)Wyomesh Chandra Banerjee 
(2)Dadabhai Naoroji
(3)Surendranath Banerjee
(4)Allen Hume

19. Mahatma Gandhiji first staged national `Satyagraha' at the time of
(1)Non-Cooperation movement
(2) The movement against the massacre of Jallianwala Bagh
(3)Khilafat movement
(4)Movement against Rowlatt Act

20. The `Chauri-Chaura' incident brought an end to --------- movement.
(1)Anti Rowlatt Satyagraha 
(2)Quit India
(3)Non Co-operation 
(4)Civil Disobedience

21. Who was elected as President of Indian Constituent Assembly in the year 1946 AD ?
(1)Dr. Ambedkar 
(2)Chakravarti Rajgopalachari
(3)Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(4)Kanhaiyalal Munshi

22. In 1857, who gave momentum to the agitation against the British by gathering peopl of all classes of society ?
(1)Tatya Tope 
(2)Nanasaheb Peshwa
(3)Bahadur Shah Zafar 

23. The founder of Home-Rule movement in Maharashtra was
(1)Annie Besant 
(2)Lokmanya Tilak
(3)Br. Khaparde 
(4)Dr. B.S. Munje

24. The fight of the farmers of Champaran was concerned with
(4) Indigo

25. Which organization established in 1867 worked for social awakening through the medium of Economic and Agricultural reforms ?
(1)Bombay Presidency Association 
(2)Indian Association
(3)Pune Sarvajanik Sabha 
(4)Madras Native Association