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Hi friends....
My name is Hari Krishna and currently I am at to persive my B.Tech degree form the college Loyola Institute of Technology and Management (LITAM ,Sattenapalli, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh).

On Sep, 19th 2007 Miracle Software Services(Vizag) conducted a campus placement program at our college. We offered invitation to about 20 college and about

1500+ students registered the campus. We had the Written Test in which there are 20 questions on aptitude (having antonyms, passage reading, True/False,

Relations, Comparisions) and 10 questions on techinical (having C and Java). And i am happy to see my name at the return test qualifiers list.

At first the Miracle recuitment team members presented a presentation about their campany. Next the turn is to face the original interview, we suppose to have

These->Tell me about ur-self, Just A Minute, Techical and HR<- sections. But due to seconds hand speed on clock we had HR and Techincal. Before i mean to enter

The room I saw my college principal and thought ......................................................................................................( may be u can imagine)

Now its my turn to face the interview for the first time in my life. A mam suppose to interview me.
I entered the room

I : Excese me mam

I : Good Afternoon mam
Mam : Hari Krishna Yarramsetty
I : Yes mam

Mam : Please take ur seat
I: Thank you Mam

Mam looked at my certificates (Resume, SSC, 12th, Ethical Hacking certificate)

Mam : Ok Mr. Hari Krishna Yarramsetty, what is carrier objective.
I : To secure a well known and challenging position at a software company

Mam : If u are the principal of this college what will u tell to ur student?
I : If i the principal of this college i address the students that always expect the upcoming future technology and work according to it, so that when the future

Technolgy is recquiring u or at the peak level u can perfectly fit for it and to work for it.
Mam : Ok fine.

Mam : What are strengths?
I : My strengths are my parents who brought me up with a good education, potitive thinking and problem solving ability.

Mam : What are ur weakness?
I : Water !
Mam : Water ?
I : I had a fear of water as I haven't learned swimming !!
Mam : (she just smiled and said) I will ask to go and swim now to pass this test
I : Sure and with pleasure I will defnetly do for u mam ( and i changed my body language that i am going to start swimming by standing form the chair)
Mam : With another smile said that she don't want to take the risk for her.

Mam : For any one, what will u say to which education field they should go for?
I : Depending upon their intrest they can go to any sort of field, as education provied multiple options with many sections of carrier options. As i had the passion ;
of technology and with the intension to know what the technology is, what are the technological trends and technological gadgets.

Mam : Ok according to u what is the best field of education?
I : In my view the Scientific Field is the best and a challanging on, in which one can know and discover many things where these will help a lot to his fellow

Members and the people surrounding us, me myself want want to have a research on what the Security is, what is Network Security etc etc...

Mam : Ok Hari Krishna its nice talking to u and u can wait for the techical section
I : Thankyou mam
Mam :  Hari krishna always make a note that Resume should about 2 to 3 pages not in a single page, if so it will be so called as a Bio-data.
I : Yes mam and Thankyou..

Next the Technical section
I waited for about 20 minutes and now its my turn to have
I Good afternoon mam
Mam :  Take ur seat

I : Thankyou mam
Mam : Ok u can continue

I : Started to say about myself, my parents, my intrests addressing that i had i want to know about a database, security and what is meant by computer hacking. To

satisfy my intrest i took-up ethical hacking course and successfully completed my Ethical Hacking form Ankit Fadia who is well known as an Ethical Hacker all

Through India and Internatally.
Mam : According to you what is meant by success and how to achieve it.
I : Its my own answer and i can plan what u want to say.

Mam : Vamsi Krishna
I : Sorry mam, Hari Krishna
Mam :  Ok, Hari Krishna..

Mam  : What is meant by casting (Java)
In a hurry to say for type-casting in java i mistakenly said chemistry casting and mam converted for me.

Mam :  Access specifiers.
I : I said when mam gave me a hint

Mam : What is meant by package
Hummm!! its my favourite question as it is eady and small
I : A collection of packages
Mam : Ok Hari Krishna u should some-what improve ur techincal skills and we will get back u soon
I : Thankyou mam

I just leaved the room i a hope that i will surely not select for the technical,
and its the time for the result announcement

Our recuitmembers members are i a hurry to leave immediately and thet left the campus. My friend is supposed to announce the result

Freind : Ok friends now i will be announcing the results of students from LITAM
Me my friends chaitanya, deepak, sarath, sathya, charan and manjur were shocked to hear          Hari Krishna Yarramsetty is the first name at the short-list

My note for those members who are appearing for Miracle is that it is a Java, .NET, J2EE platform oriented company get well prepared for Java, thats all for it
Thanking              you and