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Hi.. My dear friends…This is Eajaz ali from Valliammai Engineering College…..


I would like to share my experience in the Mindtree campus interview which held in our college . C.Totally 800 attended(off campus for us with SRM and Eshwari).

70 Selected..

7   From our college…


There were totally 3 rounds..

1.General apptitude.

2.Group Discussion.

3.Tech+hr interview.


General Apptitude:


The general apptitude consisted of 7 sections…

Section 1:

4 flow charts.. eachflow chart consisted of  5 questions.. so totally 20 questions my dear friends.. Here problems were of the type where we have to check from the options given and mark it for the appropriate symbol.


Eg: For a rectangle symbol the options will be 1.A ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 .,2. A ranges from 2 to 2.5, 3,4,5. something like that…

Friends these problems are really very easy if u understand the sample flow chart given that is solved..

Section 2:

This is the speed maths section.. here  12 questions were asked that r to be solved in 3 minutes…



3*512/63=?   Problems of these types ….

U can solve this section  by seeing the approximate answer… Please be ACTIVE and fast…

Section 3:

This section consisted of 20 questions that r to be solved in 3 minutes..

Its very very easy if u understand the sample problem given with u solution..




Ram,sita          343,555. a)right b)false    ans:b

Ravi ,sham      122,355. a)right b)false    ans:b

Eajaz,Mahesh  100.95.  a)right b)false     ans:a











Section 4:

This section had questions based on symbols. 20 questions 15 min..



If A=10 paise, then 1 rupee = 10A… very simple problems…..



Time for the sections 5-7 is


Section 5:

This section had some 8 questions on general IT ability…..



High level to Machine level language is converted using





5.None of these.



Section 6:

This section contained a flow chart that was very simple(do this first). 7 questions.

A flow chart wil be given and simple questions will be asked….



Section 7:

10 Questions….

This section will have some paragraphs.Questions will be asked based on each paragraph.


A passage of lines on some situation like the communication in an e-mail…. And few questions based on that…(pretty simple).




Topics for our batch:

1.The commercialization of cricket has put down other games.

2.How can technology improve the villages in India…


Topics for other batches are:

  1. India in 2020….

      few more….


Refer the Group discussion tips in the following links…

: http://mbaforum.ascenteducation.com/viewforum.php?f=7




  ht p://www.freshersworld.com/interview/gd.htm


  giri kumar: http://www.exforsys.com/career-center/group-discussions/tips-for-running-a-successful-group-discussion.html











I was the first person to attend the hr in my panel.. so was very lucky.. I was not asked even a single technical question .. (VERY VERY LUCKY)……

Hr: hi.. I m sunil..

Me:Hello sir .. Good afternoon.. I m eajaz..

Hr: Take your seat.

Me: Thank you sir.

Hr:  Ok eajaz.. May I have your resume..

Me: definitely sir…( I had it in my file so gave him along with my file).

Hr: Hey.. I m very much impressed with the way u have arranged ur marks sheets and     

       Certificates eajaz…. Really it s nice.. its so rare to see such things…. It is showing    

       That u r very disciplined.. mind tree needs people like you only eajaz..

Me: Thank you so much sir(a signal of my selection).

Hr:Hey u have scored so well in your board exams (95%).. you r having a consistent   

      Performance… its nice man..

Me: thank u sir..

Hr: ok.. I ‘ll give you a transport project . how long will you take to complete it..?

Me:sir.. First I ‘ll discuss with all my team members . wat is required for the project, wat 

      To analyze, wat to analyze., how and wat to code , how and wat to test.. then  

       Depending on the size of the project I can tell you the time sir..

Hr:  Good man.

Me:   Thank u sir..

Hr: Ok eajaz.. If I give u 10% hike and if cts or infi gives u 25% hike.. ‘ll u leave  


Me: Sir. Mind tree is the first company that has recognized me and I ‘ll be faithful to 


Hr: hey .. don’t speak in sense that I should hire you. Tel me frankly…

Me: sir .. honestky speaking I ‘ll see where there r good and challenging projects and ‘ll

       do according to that.. salary is not a factor for me…..

Hr: ok fine eajaz..Tell me two things why should mind tree select you..??

Me: first is my eligibility and qualification.next is that since mind tree is a young and fast  

       growing company I can be well disciplined in my work skills for mind tree..

Hr: Ok eajaz… wat r ur hobbies.??

Me: Listen to music. Watching tv.. m a craze fan of rahman…..

Hr : Ok.. I m really impressed with you eajaz…. Even if u join mind tree u should your consistent performance as u have in your mark sheets..

Me: Definitely sir…..

Hr: Good.. I ‘ll send your result to chief hr. you may go now.. it was a pleasure having u..

Me: Thalk you sir.. its my pleasure too…


                                        Aaah… friends.. it was a good time for me…Be cool and confident guys…. by gods grace and all my friends and parents blessings I was selected and my name was called 2nd…….

It was a big day for me.. was veryyyyyyyy happyyyyyy….

All the best friends…..

Do well.. V ‘ll meet in mindtree…. From Mind tree mind Eajaz