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Latest Selection Process of MindTree was as follows


1. Written Test

2. Technical Interview

3. HR Interview

Paper pattern of MindTree is always variable.


1. Writtent Test :

Time Limit 50 Minutes

a) Aptitude and reasoning : 20 Minutes

Commong Topics normally asked in campus selections

b) Technical and C programming : 20 Minutes

Only C programming

To write C code or algorithm or flowchart

c) Essay writing :10 Minutes

Email to your Manager

Test was conduct by Mind tree team only. HR himself was present for test and it was very very strict environment. It was not online test..

Then they gave their presentation only to shortlisted candidates.

Listen it carefully. Many times they ask a question related to PPT. PPT was interesting.

2. Technical Interview - 1 Hour

1. Asked about all possible subjects studies till date

2. To explain C programme wrote in the written test

3. Correct mistakes if there

4. To write a code to swap to variables using stack

5. Difficult questions about C programming

6. Favorite subject-Microcontroller

7. Discuss about microcontroller

8. He ask me about 8085,8255,8086.

9.  About OPAMP, antenna, operating system

Friends just be through with any one subject which u have studied. It will be good if your subject is related to digital electronics. And have patience. Interviewer may try to loose your confidence but please don’t give him chance and show confidence on ur face. Be happy. Coz mind tree is looking for happy people. So keep smiling during interview.

3. HR Interview

Int: tell me something about yourself apart from ur resume.(be ready for this question as this is very 1st question.)

1. What are your strengths and weakness?

2. Live example where u have done team work.

3. What are five senses of human body?

4. What is social networking?

5. Tell me four networking sites?

6. How many hours u spend on facebook daily?

7. Advantages and disadvantages of facebook?

8. Which movie u saw recently?

9. Who were actress and actor in it?

10. What do you like from that movie?

11. Who isyour role model?

12. By which train u go to home?

13. How often u go to home?

14. Ur preferences?

15. About family background

Be confident and maintain my smile

I gave him all answer very confidently and maintain my smile.

Friends just relax and be confident whatever u speak. Don’t lie or don’t try to bluff. HR is smarter than u. And go with positive attitude.

Friends don’t get frustrate there is something reserve for u too. Keep faith on god. And remember hard work always pay!! So ALL THE BEST!!

See u in MindTree !!!