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MindTree campus placement papers

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Hi All,

After giving exam of Mind tree I felt that QN were good and generally it was asked from hcf and LCM ,logarithmic (at least 10qn from both together ) these QN r not difficult but need practice ,simplification prblm ,pipes and cistern ,probability and permutation QN ( needs thinking little standard QN but just 2 or 3 in no) ,time and work(lil tricky QN) Again English section is not that tough normal basic eng like finding error (easy),jumbled sentence(easy but takes time) ,synonyms(needs luck) and try to save enough time for passage passage bcz these are mark scoring you can achieve full in it 10 /10 and most critical part was reasoning very much time consuming and level of QN were more than average again RS aggarwal is enough for both but practice online papers Going Into the TI you need depth of C,C++and DS as an ECE student HR interview is always good and if you are called for HR then your chances are almost 90*/* for selection.