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MindTree Candidate-Experiences

Hi, This is ASHOK from Coimbatore, TCE college.
I completed I.T in 2010 but not placed, i tried for TCS but didn't get. But i got in Mindtree, here i share the experience.
There are totally three rounds

1) Written test
2) G.D 
3)  Hr.
           It held for two days. I attended first round, it was very easy first there are ten small programs for that we have to   find output, for this we have to just basic  C programming. very easy guys time is 30mins, next section is easy writing in that they asked three easy from that have to write about one essay 30mins time. one is the major threats for India is Unemployment or Terrorism. Second is, how I.T field will help villages to develope, they mean in what way it helps. The third one is,  people choosing I.T field for its Pay or careers. Guys  they check grammar, neatness and good sentence. No problems its easy.
         The third section is Program, we have write a program. This also easy only basic programming knowledge enough guys, you can write program in c or c++ or java or c# , time 30 mins.
Write a program to  replace vowels of the sentence with 1 2 3 4 5. Use function to do this. For a=1 e=2 i=3 o=4 u=5
 Eg: I/p :  HI WELCOME COME    O/p : H3 W2LC4M2 C4M2.
 Guys those are very type can clear first round easily. 1.30hr is much time for this. I completed before 1hour itself.

Next round is G.D guys, i got topic One billion people only one gold medal. No problem you initiate or not, have to speak clearly our points when we get chance. 

 Next is H.R round guys here the project is  60 percent considerations then 35percent first round written programs and some other program logics will ask, don't worry it will be simple and they also giving time to think. I got more logics to do because HR got interest as i solve well. Then some question from area of interest, i told DBMS, they ask one query then what is normalisation. Then some HR questions like about yourself, your difficult situation in life, questions from hobbies, any training means from that.

  Guys really they are very friendly no need to fear, don't consider time also. Just be original and bold. Sure you will get through like me.
Meet You at MindTree.
Bye guys. Logic is important.