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Mindtree selection procedure

Mind Tree latest selection procedure
Mind Tree :written test- 4 Sections

i: General aptitude
ii: Technical aptitude
iii: Essay/ Email writing
iv: program writing

i: Mind TreeGeneral aptitude:
Very basic questions are there, go through R.S.Agrawal. main topics are percentage,profit and loss, age, probability, permutation and combination,area...

ii: Mind TreeTechnical aptitude
Mainly C questions are there, we have to write only output of very simple programs. be clear with basic of  C operators, control statements, string functions, macros

iii: Mind Tree Essay/ Email writing
A topic was given & accordingly we had to write an e-mail or essay..

iv:Mind Tree program writing
This is most imp part. Please read problem statement carefully & then write.
Be very clear with string functions.

program asked:

wap to replace vowels in string by numbers.
input:   my name is vinayak
output: my n1m2 3s v3n1y1k.

i: General aptitude          30 min 25 questions
ii: Technical aptitude      20 min 10 questions
iii: Essay/ Email writing  10 min
iv: program writing            30 min

Mind Tree Technical Interview & Personal Interview

It was very simple.if you clear 1st round with good score. your chances of selection increases.
Be honest,cool and confident..

Best Luck friends...
see you in mind tree....