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Microsoft Technical interview Questions

                                     Microsoft Technical Interview Questions


Microsoft frequently asked interview questions, Technical interview Questions, Job interview Questions for new campus recruitment of freshers.


Microsoft interview Questions

1.What is the difference between a class and object?

2.Find the intersection of two linked lists.

3.How do you sort a linked list using the most efficient algorithm?

4. What is stored procedure? What are its advantages and disavantages?

5. Which is better trigger or stored procedure?

6.How to test a calculator?

7.Write a procedure to shuffle cards, and also mention strengths and shortcomings of your approach

8. Differnce between interfaces and abstract classes? 

9.Validate a Binary search tree? ( as in the left- right child follow the property )

10.Print the binary tree in zig-zag order.

11.Sorting problem. About array

12.Whats the difference b/w a thread and a process? are Word and PowerPoint different processes or threads of a single process?

13.How does a spell checker routine (common to both, word and PowerPoint) used?

14.Design Memory Management System

15.Give all possible test cases to test the basic features of a mobile.

16. In unix there is a command called "tail". Implement that command in C.

17. Some questions about race condition (OS)

18. Questions related to semaphores.

19. Questions related to mutex. Applications of mutex. How to implement mutex in OS?

20. What is difference between data set and data reader?(.net)

21. Write a querry for accesing unique rows from emp(Ename,Age) sorted by age?

22. What is the difference between Function overloading, Function Overriding and Virtual Functions?

23. Difference between multiple and multilevel inheritence?

24. Questions about Critical region (OS).

25. Problem to find median of two shorted arrays

26. How to ensure that race condition doesn't occur. Give your view as you are OS designer.

27.. How to ensure that each process lock the critical region before they enter in it. As OS designer How will you force the process to do this?

28. Questions on IPC

29. Questions on Shared memory and Message passing mechanism.

30. Difference between system call and API call

31. How system call works? What happens when system call is invoked?

32.Remove a node from Linked list when address of same node is given

33. Different types of system calls?

34.. Some questions from microprocessor. About Interrupts

35. Types of Interrupts. What happened when interrupt is called?

36.Given a set of strings. Check if a new string is equal to any of them. Here equal means the letters are the same, like abbc=bacb

37. You are given a hard copy of a program which contains some errors. Your job is to find all types of errors from it. And discuss why is it an error. Write correct program for the same.

38. You are given a linked list and a number n. You also have a function to delete all nodes from that list which are at position which multiple of n in the list.

39.Given a string, search it in a set of strings (say among 1000s of string). What data structure would you use to store those 1000 strings and get the results fastest?

40.Reverse a linked list?

41.Find if there is a loop in a linked List?

42.Given two arrays of numbers, find if each of the two arrays have the same set of integers ? Suggest an algo which can run faster than NlogN ? 

43. Questions on Java. Exception handling

44. Need of catch and finally block in Java exception handling..

45. How will you create your own exception.. Explain with example.

46. Some questions on compiler construction. What is parser? What is input to the parser and what is output of parser? Difference between top down and bottom up parser.

47.Write an algorithm to find the depth of a binary tree

48. Develop recursive program.
F(1) = 1.
F(2n) = F (n) and F(2n+1) = F(n) + F(n+1).

49.Write an algorithm to separate all zeroes and ones in an array

50.How to detect the starting point of loop in a linked list which has a loop