Meghalaya PSC Question-Paper |   2944

Meghalaya PSC Question-Paper

                                    Meghalaya PSC Solved Exam Paper

1. Meghalaya is bounded to the north and the east by which State of India ?
Ans: Assam

2. Which state bounded Meghalaya to its south and the west ?
Ans: Bangladesh

3. Shillong the capital of Meghalaya is known as ..........
Ans: Scotland of the East

4. Which state of India was the part of Meghalaya ?
Ans: Assam

5. Which language is used as official language in Meghalaya.?
Ans: English

6. Where is Meghalaya located in Indian Map ?
Ans: Northeast

7. When did Meghalaya established ?
Ans: 21 January 1972

8. How many districts are there in the state ?
Ans: 11

9. Which is the largest city of the state ?
Ans: Shillong

10. Who is the chief Minister (2014) of the state ?
Ans: Mukul Sangma (INC)

11. Who is the Governor (2014) of the Meghalaya state ?
Ans: K.K.Paul

12. What is the literacy Rate in the state ?
Ans: 75.84%

13. When a movement for a separate Hill State began ?
Ans: 1960

14. When the earthquake occurred in Shillong ?
Ans: June 12, 1879

15. Which tribal people make up the majority of Meghalaya's population ?
Ans: Khasi