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Maveric Systems-Selection Procedure

Hi all,
I attended the selection process of maveric systems on 20th and 21st of jan 

Iam here to share my experience with you 

The selection procedure of Maveric systems for freshers is a 4 level process

Round 1-- written test (MBA entrance pattern)
This round is very easy.It s more of english language oriented than aptitude. It comprises of 50 ques with no negative marking and is to be completed before the clock goes past one hour!! It has a english para section with ques frm it
no series
few apti ques from percentage calculation profit loss probes couple of critical reasoning ques too(not tough though..can be done in five mins max)
no sectional cut off

Round 2-- now that u have proved your hand work worthy here comes ur second round to prove your mouth worthy..yup its Group discussion
not d classical GD..its kind of different first u r given a paper with a situation in it and 15 items will be listed out.all that u have to do is to rate those item based on its importance with respect to the given situation from 1-15 (1 being most important item). ten minutes is given for this once you finish your personal rating its time to discuss

the deal sounds simple all that u have to do is to sit as a group and start discussing to rate those items in order of its importance as a group. (remember the first time u did was ur personal opinion) Now al of u should come to a conclusion for 1st item so on and so forth. Its not tat easy n fun cos wat u personally rated to be 1 might be 5th to some other guy in ur group n 10th to some other guy so its time to convince him/her to accept ur rating(no shouting or arguing allowed) most important thing is ur not suppose to see the company ppl sittin der..jus see d group ppl alone

negotiate well..don loose much at d same time don dominate much too!! follow this n ur thruough this round

Round 3---Interview 1
well now u can breath fresh are outta crowd.Its gonna be face on face!! hit hard!! Its a 2 member panel careful with your resume stuff as each and everything in your resume wil be questioned technical side ul be questioned at a very basic level only but even here communication is given lots of importance it wil go on for around 15-30 mins

Round 4 --interview 2---Ur almost der!!
its d final round to be frank d round were u r most likely to be chucked out Its again 2 member panel with a senior person Its not gonna be more technical but do know basic stuff about testing conceps,SDLC concept etc as ul be questioned on them usual strength? weakness? questions wil be der this round is more of stress testing so keep ur cool!!

Take al d rounds wit confidence n if u do so probably this mus be d last paper ul be reading to get a job!!