Manipur PSC Placement Paper Contributed by Revathi updated on Nov 2021
Manipur PSC Placement Paper |   230

Manipur PSC Placement Paper

                         Manipur Civil Service Preliminary Exam Sample Paper

1. Which committee was set up on the cash_credit system?
(A) Raj Committee
(B) Chore Committee
(C) Rekhi Committee
(D) Raman Committee

2. Land reform policies in India have met with
(A) tremendous success
(B) complete failure
(C) Iimited success
(D) None of the above

3. The cooperative credit societies have a
(A) two_tier structure
(B) three_tier structure
(C) four_tier structure
(D) None of the above

4. Which of the following operates at the district level?
(A) State Cooperative Bank
(B) Central Cooperative Bank
(C) Agricultural Credit Society
(D) The Reserve Bank of India

5. The success- of Green Revolution depends on the 
(A) high_yield variety (HYV) of seeds
(B) adequate irrigational facilities
(C) chemical fertilizers and pesticides
(D) All the above

6. NAFED is connected with
(A) animat husbandry
(B) conservation of fuels
(C) agricultural marketing
(D) agricultural implements

7. The largest wheat-producing State in is
(A) punjab
(B) Haryana
(C) Uttar pradesh
(D) Madhya pradesh

8. AGMARK is
(A) a cooperative for egg production
(B) a regulated agricultural market
(C) a farmers, cooperative
(D) a quality guarantee agricultural commodities

9. The difference between GNP and NNP is equal to
(A) direct tax revenue
(B) indirect tax revenue
(C) consumer expenditure on durable goods
(D) capital depreciation

10. Which of the following has not been included in wealth of a nation?
(A) Mines
(B) Dams
(C) Money supply
(D) Animals

11. What is debt?
(A) Stock-flow hypothesis
(B) Flow hypothesis
(C) Stock hypothesis
(D) None of the above

12. The National Renewable Fund was constituted with the objective of
(A) renewal of mines
(B) modernization of industries
(C) establishment of small units
(D) rehabilitation of removed labourers due to modernization of industries

13. Who is the Supreme Commander of the Defence Forces of India?
(A) The President
(B) The Chief of the Army Staff
(C) The Vice-President
(D) The Defence Minister

14. Recently Li Na won the French Open Women's Singles Title. She thus became the first from _ to win a Grand Slam.
(A) North Korea
(B) China
(C) Japan
(D) us

15. The former President of which nation was sentenced, along with his wife, to 35 years in prison after a trial in absentia?
(A) Espt
(B) Syria
(C) Vietnam
(D) Nigeria

16. Which of the following nations passed a bill recently to phase out nuclear power by 2022?
(A) Russia
(B) France
(C) Germany
(D) Japan

17. ln which Indian district did the Government declare the nation's 42nd tiger reserve?
(A) Adilabad
(B) Allahabad
(C) Seoni
(D) Dhanbad

18. India's GDP grew by 8.5 percent in 2OLO-2OL1 due to a strong performance by the -sector.,
(A) industrial
(B) power
(C) mining
(D) agricultural

19. Pedro passos Coelho, in June 2O11,was sworn in as the prime Minister of which nation?
(A) Laos
(B) Portugal
(C) Ttrrkey
(D) Peru

20. To which nation did India extend duty-free market access?
(A) Bangladesh
(B) Afghanistan
(C) Nepal
(D) Sri Lanka

21. On which date, the space shuttle 'Endeavour, returned. to the earth successfully completing its last mission?
(A) June 1
(B) June 2
(C) June 3
(D) June 4

22. Maharashtra Government raised drinking age to
(A) 25 years
(B) 2O years
(C) 18 years
(D) 22 years

23. Which of the following missiles was inducted into the Armed Forces by DRDO?
(A) Agni II
(B) Agni III
(c) Agni I
(D) Agni IV

24. Which of the following countries signed Tax pact?
(A) Malaysia-India
(B) India-Singapore
(C) Sri Lanka-England
(D) US-pakistan

25. Economic growth is usually coupled with 
(A) deflation 
(B) inflation 
(C) stagflation 
(D) hyperinflation