MPSC Question-Paper |   708

MPSC Question-Paper

             MPSC Exam Paper

1. Who is the father of Periodic Table?
Answer: Dimithri Mendeleev

2. Number of horizontal rows in periodic table?
Answer: 7 periods.

3. Number of vertical columns in periodic table?
Answer: 18 (groups)

4. Shortest period?
Answer: First period (Only two elements)

5. Longest period?
Answer: Sixth period (Contain 32 elements)

6. Man made elements are called?
Answer: Transuranics

7. Which is the first man made element?
Answer: Technetium

8. Mendeleev’s periodic table based on?
Answer: Atomic weight

9. Modern periodic table based on?
Answer: Atomic number 

10. Birth hormone?
Answer: Oxytoxin

11. Milk ejection hormone?
Answer: Oxytoxin

12. Hormone secreted by hypothalamus?
Answer: Vasopressin and Oxytoxin

13. An Anti Diuretic Hormone (ADH)?
Answer: Vasopressin

14. Hyposecretion of ADH causes a disorder known as?
Answer: Diabetes insipidus

15. Hormone promotes the reabsorption of water by kidney tubules?
Answer: Vasopressin

16. Supra renal gland?
Answer: Adrenal gland

17. Which is the Image forming Eye layer?
Answer: Retina

18. Which is the light sensitive pigment of rod cells?
Answer: Rhodopsin

19. Rhodopsin synthesized from:
Answer: Vitamin A

20. Most prominent pigment found in the cones?
Answer: Iodopsin

21. The area of sharpest vision?
Answer: Yellow spot

22. Myopia can be corrected with?
Answer: Concave lenses

23. Hypermetropia can be corrected with?
Answer: Convex lenses

24. Astigmatism can be corrected with?
Answer: Cylindrical lenses

25. Increased pressure in the eye ball is known as?
Answer: Glaucoma

26. Silent blinder?
Answer: Glaucoma

27. Twenty –Twenty means?
Answer: Perfect vision

28. Study of Eye diseases is called?
Answer: Ophthalmology 

29. Father of ecosystem Ecology?
Answer: Eugene P. Odum

30. The largest man made ecosystem?
Answer: Agroecosystem (Agriculture)

31. Ecologically friendly tourism?
Answer: Ecotourism

32. Father of ecology in India?
Answer: R. Mishra

33. The rich source of energy which never causes Air pollution?
Answer: Solar energy

34. Producers which change solar energy into?
Answer: Chemical Energy

35. The total weight of living organisms per unit is called?
Answer: Biomass