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L n T Infotech Whole-Testpaper


Hi to every one this is Dinesh Babu from M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering…I attended the L & T info tech off campus interview in K.S.RCollegeof engineering on 5th July and 10th July


5th – Aps and GD

6th –HR


10th 55%

12th 55%

UG  55% (you should not keep more than 4 back lock  ||  if you wrote 1 subject more then 3 time I is also considered )


Over all process  

1.      Aptitude  ( 30 Q quant + 30 Q reasoning + 30 Q verbal)

2.      GD

3.      HR interview



·        In aptitude test they will give 3 set of question paper A B C book lets with different color Blue white yellow I think so… I got yellow booklet. Each book let have different question so nothing cant be done..

·        Then they will give OMR sheet to fill the answer use pencil to fill(Be safe )

·        2 rough sheet will be given ( they wont see that and all)

·        If you are strong in any of the three parts do it first eg: I am strong in reasoning I do that first….

·        Time management is very important

·        The question paper is some what  easy for me

·        In verbal do the comprehension first all direct question….easy to answer


If you want to clear the Aptitude you want to satisfy both section cut off and over all cut off... in our test they had told that it’s around 60 mark (I AM NOT SURE)



  1. boat sum
  2. time and work
  3. train
  4. coding
  5. number system
  6. some multiplication problem
  7. ratio and prop
  8. percentage
  9. profit and loss
  10. chain rule             

And some topic... (R.S Agarwal is more than enough.. ok)



  1. logical
  2. analytical,
  3. syllogisms,
  4. Assumption based,
  5. conclusion based,
  6. Venn diagrams,
  7. Blood Relations
  8. find the next series on the figure
  9. count the triangle and square
  10. family based problem
  11. A+B means A is sister of B. A-B means A is father if B like that…

And some topic... (R.S Agarwal non verbal book is more than enough.)



  1. find the error
  2. fill in the blanks in suitable words
  3. comprehension ( very easy do it first)
  4. synonyms
  5. antonyms  ( I don’t know both I marked with fluke )

So there where more than 450 students attended finally 105 was cleared the first round


Group discussion

Let’s take abt my experience

We are called for GD around 2 30 PM…I was not taken any good lunch…They provide ID card my number is 13…Topic given……2 min over…Our GD person asks us to start...That’s all our GD room become fish market...

More then 12 among us started at the same moment…I get tensed...A guy from KSR had initiated…

I had waited for 6 to start in GD because my lucky no is 6

5 finished… I tried to start next... I can’t...6 gone 7th gone 8th gone……… 12th gone and at the last 13th also gone…

I was very tensed…. Then I raised my voice…. every one stopped…I spoke for 30 to 40 seconds... That’s all

Then I tried to contribute some more point in between the discussion… but I can’t

15 min over… sir asked to stop… (At the moment I think I am the one of the person who is going to eliminate)

Then comes conclusion part. Sir asked to conclude the section... He gave the chance to every one and asked then to conclude...

Again the Number played in my life….

He asked 1st person and then 2nd person then came to 14th and 15th person... Then he again switches over to 3rd person to 12th person…

The remaining one number is 13 my num... It’s my turn...

I came forward to conclude… At the time a shock came… Sir asked us to leave the room…. A great shock came to me…

I was totals upset with GD...(I confirmed that I was eliminated)


But my friends cooled me and we were waiting for GD result…

In 5th batch totally 7 was short listed... Again shocking news…. My name is also there…In that moment I was speech less…

In GD don’t consider the others… Do your job… Please give the Valuable point… it is more than enough



After GD out of 105 students 44 is short listed for HR interview…( 61 is eliminated )


They gave L & T Application form to fill

Remember that your application form is your resume...

Please fill it carefully. (IMPORTANT)

After filling the application form…

Mark verification will be done…

So have a Xerox copy of the all mark sheet (MUST)…

After verification we are asked to come tomorrow at 8.30 AM

Again a group division 44 students are divided into 4 groups 11 in each….

A single and senior HR form L & T came...

Each group is called for HR… so at the same time 11 students is interview’d by single HR person... So you can see what the other is speaking with HR…

Be cool in HR because all our friends are with us…


Here my ID number is 8

Only simple question are asked with some basic technical question

Intro your self…

Tell abt your native

Tell abr your college

Tell abt your Father

Hobbies…. Very very simple question


Some basic question what is meant my OS? ( they will not ask more deeper )

(Have a clear cut idea about your project * very important)


For me He asked

Tell abt your Father... Answer boldly for this question… you can impress him…

Question on my 10th Math mark (I scored very low) I answered it... He satisfied with my answer...

Question on my Project – I told over view

Totally my Hr interviews were about 3 to 4 min… ( and abt 30 min for all 11)

After all 11 are completed he asked to leave us..


We were waiting for the final result…After 2 hours around 4.30 PM the result wads announced. Totally 30 out of 44 is short listed finally…out of that 7 from our college


I was one among them… its too comedy is it so….??????Any way at the last I made it…  

See you in L & T InfoTech


All the best guys…