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L n T Infotech Whole-Testpaper


Hi friends I am Sohan from SFIT in  EXTC branch .L&T came for campus placements in our college on 3rd july . 
The placement procedure was something like this
1. Presentation
2.Aptitude test
3.Group discussion
4.Profile Interview 

Eligibility was 55% with no live KT
Only one person came to give the presentation.Because of rain may be or due to some other reason his colleagues did not join him even after the presentation and then only he conducted the entire process of selection right till the end.He was really a genius.Same thing may not happen  in your case.Pay attention to the presentation. Questions will definitely be asked in the interview about the company.Gather information about the company in the presentation itself.

There were three sections
Logical reasoning

There are three test booklets named   A,  B  , C  with a serial no.Everyone gets a different test book.Difficulty level is the same in all.They completely ensure there is no cheating.

Test is for 90 minutes and overall 90 questions  30 quant,30 reasoning,30 verbal. No negative marking so try to attempt all 90 questions. Sectional cut-off is there or not, is not quite clear, they did not tell us anything.But don't take a risk,attempt all questions equally from all sections.

This was very simple.Just study R.S Aggarwal Quantitative aptitude book.Topics like 
Numbers(arithmatic progression,geometric progression formulae like Tn and Sn)
Problems on numbers
Problems on Ages
Profit and loss
Ratio and Proportion
Time and work
Pipes and cisterns
Time and distance
Problems on trains
Boats and streams
Alligation and mixtures
simple interest
races and games of skill
permutations and combinations
series completion
One question on either pie chart,bar graph,Line graph

Logical reasoning:
A little tough but go through the entire Logical Reasoning section in R.S.Aggarwal Verbal & Non-verbal book and you are through.Topics like Statement Conclusion
Deriving Conclusions from passages
Deriving conclusion from 9 rules
Blood relations
Puzzle test
Arithmatic reasoning
logical venn diagrams
Unscramble the words and find odd man out

Very easy section hence attempt it first.Questions like
Fill in the blanks with appropriate word
A sentence is given with some words in bold.you have to replace it with a best match from the options
A part of the sentence is underlined. you have to replace it with the part in the options which makes correct grammatical and logical sense
Four sentences are given.you have arrange them in logical order
A very big passage but don't get intimidated its damm easy just read the questions first and then quickly scan the passage.

Group discussion:
First he may ask everybody to suggest a topic but he wanted an out of the box topic so think of some innovative topic before hand.Don't suggest general topics like  EDUCATION SYSTEM  IN  INDIA,RESERVATIONS or some equally unchallenging topic

Then he only suggested topics like IS CHINESE GROWTH A THREAT TO INDIA,or topic which we had a discussion on like LIFE AFTER DEATH. another group had a discussion on GLOBAL WARMING.

Just be confident. What you speak is irrelevant. He is just checking your confidence and the manner in which you speak. You have to be very good in your communication. Talk anything but talk. Don't miss any opportunity to make your point. He may intervene in between to give everybody a chance to air their views. He will expect one person to initiate, and then ask  many people to summarize. Most of us completely deviated  from the topic but whatever we spoke was with confidence.

Profile Interview:
Before giving the interview you will have to fill a form which is just like your resume
You have to mention your scholastic, extra curricular achievements ,strengths and weaknesses and so on.Remember what you are writing on the form because questions will definitely be asked on it.

Normal HR questions like
Tell me about your self
What do you know about L&T
Why do you want to join L&T
Rate your Grasping power on scale of 1 to 10
Why is your % dropping
Tell me one incident where you have handled responsibility
For those who have got 55% he asked: will you be able to reach 60%  at the end of B.E
Describe yourself in one word
Why should I hire you
What are your strengths(be ready with an example)
What  are your weaknesses(Disguise a strength as weakness)
Foe non IT & COMPS students he asked:Why did you take EXTC?
Why do you want to switch over from electronics to IT(knock out question.Give a satisfactory answer to this.Think of something innovative)

He may ask for your resume so study it thoroughly. After this everybody got the offer letter on the spot. After Clearing aptitude just face everything with confidence and you will be through

Hope my experience will help you.