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L n T Infotech Whole-Testpaper


Hi! Guys I am Abdullah Khan, currently in third year IT from Pillais Institute of Information Tech (PIIT - New panvel). I was placed at L&T infotech on 3rd March 2008. The placement took place @ Terna College Of Eng. - Nerul. Only two colleges were Invited Pillais and Terna. I will attempt the best possible way to provide you with all the information regarding the placement that took place few days back..

Some very Quick Stats:
Colleges Invited : 2
Approx Students : 350-400
Shortlisted : 71
After G.D : 36
Finally selected : 20

(Fret not on seeing the success ratio. Probability of you being selected will seem low.. but its just a fact.. calm down and read on)

When ?
We were informed about the placement only on march 1 that it would happen at Terna on 3rd(and on the very next day i.e 4th Mastek would come specially for us at our college) So PIIT students were in Dilemma whether to appear for Mastek or L&T. According to me the correct decision would have been to go for both... since students were not sure if L&t would be a single day event, many of them didnt attend L&T drive.

How ?
We reached there @ 8.00 in the morning.. although we were told to come till 9.30 I suggest going a little bit early would only help u calming down some nerves. Try to have a look at the college and get acquainted to it.. so that you don't feel a loner there.. Trust me this helps....I did the same.

Description ?
It was believed that at present there would be a ppt presentation and then after the 1/2 hour routine there would be an apti test but that wasnt the case.. due to some reason the l&T people were a bit late (thats ok) so they decided to take the aptitude test first. After giving the test they told us to move to the seminar hall where in they would give presentation about the company and by the time the presentation would be over they would tell us our results. Sounds Interesting ?

Process ?
1) Aptitude Test
2) Group Discussion
3) HR/Tech. Int.

1) Aptitude Test
(Sectional Cutoffs this time and they strictly followed it this time around unlike last year) Guys don't hit me on this, since i ve' forgotten many questions but will try my best to give you some.

This time around the aptitude test was difficult. Not many questions were repeated but it was still manageable
1) Quanti Section (Tough) (30 quest. 30 marks - R.S Agarwal is ur bible)
-> Few question from time and work
-> Few questions from matrices/determinants
-> Few question  from speed and distance (tough ones)
-> Few (infact 5) from permutations/combinations (again some tough ones here)
-> Few trignometry questions
-> Few ratio proportion and percentages
-> Few Age based questions
-> Few from allegations and mixture
-> Few from series
-> Few from probability

thats all i remember. Guys a friendly suggestion try to cover only these chapter thoroughly from R.S agarwal and you should clear most of the quanti section.

2) Data Interpretation/Nonverbal/Logical Reasoning (Manageable) (30 quest. 30 marks - R.S Agarwal is ur bible)
Again i do not remember much questions here but still lets see...
-> Few (infact 7) from Non-Verbal part i.e based on 4 iamges u decide the next one in sequence... (few were tough)
-> Few table based interpretation questions.
-> Few puzzles based (Refer R.S Agarwal verbal/nonverbal/logical reasoning book for these chapters)
-> Few Pie charts based question
-> Few logical vein diag question (any apti has this question)
-> Coding - Decoding
-> Data Sufficiency

Rest I don't remember much.. but as i said it was manageble section...

3) Verbal/English/Comprehension ability (Very Tough to me atleast) (30 quest. 30 marks - R.S Agarwal is ur bible)
-> A paragrapgh was given and we were asked 5 questions from it and again there were 4 options
   1) If the question is relevant and could be answered from passage
   2) If the question can be answered as a deduction from any of the other       situation(S) from the passage
   3) If the question can be or cannot be the result of any situation(s) from       the passage given
   4) If the question asked is irrelevant and cannot be answered.

So what do you get from these type of question :-) ? Its a complete waste of time to attempt these questions at start. Attempt it lat. I found these types somewhat similar to cat pattern. ne ways lev it..

-> Few analogy based question  (the ones that i remember are)    Defunct:life :: ? (Refer R.S Agarwal its given there)    and from that same R.S agarwal there were 3 questions more...
-> Two Comprehensions (1 Tough ad 1 Easy)
-> Few questions on odd man out type.. infact i remember one question
    Axe,Arrow,Knife,hammer (Ans- Arrow (easy one))

Rest again i don't remember

2) Group Discussion
I was confident that i would get through GD. Since many have said.. that i am not a bad speakerl Infact few friends whom i didnt know from Terna congratualted me afte the discussion was over. I kind of gained confidence from there onwards for Tech and HR drive**

My group included 14 members including me.. we went inside the room and found two persons (sir) there. Just to add a sentence here, before my group who so ever went inside.. these two guys were selecting only 3-4 candidates from a grp of 15. I was tensed but not shattered. We went inside.

One of the person asked our names out and we promptly replied back "yes sir". After that he asked us for a topic.. Few Smart girls from my group started enchanting their already prepared topics.. one of them crossed the limit and started saying.. Sir lets start on any abstract topic.."Half full - half Empty". Although i was prepared for it but i found this very errant and stupid. It was that she thought no body would be able to talk on this, she might get through teh gd and rightly so not many of my grp members were prepared for it. I crossed her and replied  "sir why dont we start on topics like. Sin(theta),cos(theta) or Zero" and then I looked at her and she was like cursing me.. but that made her quiet.

And then another gentelman from my group started "Sir Budget". Everyone said No!
I took the moment as an aoppurtunity and said.. Sir its better that u decide the topic since there are 14 different views circulating here. luckily he selected a simple topic "Nano"

the discussion went on i was to speak for the topic. Mines was an awesome GD. I spoke 3rd. but relevant to the crux. and then the funniest part as i am a big fan of usingproverbs i quickly found out a proverb for the situation and exaggerated there. A guy from my group started saying to his friend "Shit now we have no chance". I felt good at first place since i believed that atleast i had a chance to be selected if only 3-4 persons are selected from the group but the very next moment i felt bad too.. since the guy was way much better in academics than me. so i stopped with mines.

As obvious when sir announced the name of selected candidates i was the first candidate to be selected. Surprisingly including me there were 7 persons selected. Very uncharacteristic of those gentlemens. We came out happily from the GD room with a personal information form in our hands. This form meant that we were qualified for the next level.

Some tips:
** Speak Relevant points.
** Dont panic. Neither repeat points
** Dont be dominating ( i had a friend being rejected due to this)
** Listen to others
** Sit staright (sound motherly :-))
** Most importantly while speaking address to all your mates in the group.
** Avoid using fillers and bad grammer.
** Be an active listener and a passive speaker.

3) HR/Tech Interview
I was the 11th candidate to be interviewed, ironic to the fact that i hate 11 but that is how it was supposed to happen. I went inside the room at 9.15 pm i guess. Here i would like to emphasize that i was lucky that i want asked any technical questions mainly HR. Those who went for technical interview were asked questions on c/c++/Data Structure.. What is polymorphism, inheritence, benifits of oop etc.. Write a program on bubble,quick,heap,merge sort etc.. What is linked list etc. etc. etc.

Me: can i come in mam'?
She: Oh! sure please come in
Me: Good Evening! Mam
She: Good Evening! please have a seat.
Me : Thank you mam.
She: How was your day Abdullah?
Me : Fine until now, waiting for the last checkpoint to cross successfully
She: Great!
She: Tell me about yourself
Me: told
She: In your form i can see you have written that you have helped someone grow. Explain it please.
Me: Explained about a client whom i helped in developing his website and how his personal businees brought him success.
She: Abdul tell me, At 20 you are almost doing a consulting type of job. Why do you need to join l&t or for      that matter any company? lets start a consulting  form together it sounds interesting?
Me:  I grabbled here! I somehow generated some courage from within and said mam these kind of work that i do, they are more of fun to me and i havent looked at it seriously and i amd also not sure how long can it go.As a reson i plan to join some firm and test my skills. Somwhere down the line after 10-15 years if i  feel the need for it i would definitely not mind working with you as a cosultant:-)
She: What happened in your earlier sems u have an average of 50% in ur 1st 3 sems and then the marksheets doesnt really looks like yours. (last 2 sems average 76%)
Me: Was prepared for this. Explained it to her.
She: Willing to relocate.
Me: Not an issue.
She: Any questions for me.
Me: asked
She: ok thank you Abdullah.
Me: Was Pleasure talking to you mam.(shook hands and went off)

Results were announced and i was selected (Again ironically my number was called out at 11th position) Gees! how irritating. Anyways the package offered by L&T is a bit on lower side for a fesher 2.2pa as of now but they siad it would be revised. As i wrote this quite fast so this article is bound to have some discrepancies, spelling mistakes or at some places it may feel lacking completeness and relevances. I apologise for that.

Last but not the least i will want to thank the helping staff at Terna college for conducting such a beautifully managed event. Never for a moment I felt that I was in some other college. Thank you all. 

Thats all i ve got to say!
Abdullah khan