L n T Infotech Whole Testpaper |   11510

L n T Infotech Whole Testpaper


Technical round question
1) What is the difference between C and C++?
2) What is an object oriented programming language?
3) What is abstraction and encapsulation?
4) Explain the keywords: public , private , protected.
5) What is multi-level and multiple inheritance?
6) What is the significance of entity-relationship diagrams?
7) What is Normalization?
8) Explain the 5 normal forms along with the definition of partial FDs , trivial FDs etc.
9) Some students were given a table with attributes : STUDENT ID , COURSE NAME , MARKS , TEACHER NAME , TEACHER ID, TEACHER’S   SUBJECT.
They were asked to normalize this table.
10) What is polymorphism?
11) What are semaphores?
12) What is threading? What is the need of having a thread?
13) What is the full form of ADODC?
14) What is TCP/IP reference model?
15) What is repeater?
16) What are bridges?
17) What are the different sorting algorithms?
18) What is the time complexity of merge sort , quick sort?
19) Which time complexity is better-O(n²) or O(n lg n ) and why?
20) In the time complexity of merge sort , from where does lg n come?

In the technical round only every one was asked some HR questions too. But they were also general HR questions.

General HR Interview. 
1) Why should I take you?
2) Why do you want to join L&T?
3) Questions from the PPT.
4) If there is some quarrel in your team and your team leader is not supportive then what will you do?
5) You are a Project Manager. If you are given two projects- a small project with sufficient resources and a big project with scarce resources, which project you will take up and why?
6) Tell me something about yourself.
7) What is your career objective?
8) What is your family background?
9) Do you have any problem with signing the bond for 2 years ?
10) Do you have any location problem? We don’t have any development centre in Northern India. If we place you in South India will it be fine for you? Won’t you feel home sickness?
11) Where do see yourself after 5 years?

I selected in L&T infotech will 10.2 lakh package.