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Placement Paper

LIC Southern Zonal Office, Chennai SPECIAL RECRUITMENT DRIVE FOR SC/ST,Applications are invited from Indian Citizens belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled
Tribes for appointment to fill up backlog vacancies in the post of Assistant for performing the duties of Assistant as well as of Cashier in Branch Offices of the Corporation under the
Divisions/Zone,LIC model question papers for learn and practice,LIC largest collection of practice question papers

Selection Procedure:
(I) Written Test :
(i) Applicants will have to appear for a written examination on Sunday, the 17th February 2013, at the centres that shall be allotted to them at their own expenses. The written examination will consist of two Papers:

(A) Paper - I A rank determining Test of Objective Type
(i) Numerical ability
(ii) Reasoning ability
(iii) General Knowledge/Awareness
(iv) English language

(B) Paper - II
A qualifying Test of Descriptive 

Type:(Précis & Letter writing)in English AND(Essay writing) in Tamil (for State of Tamilnadu) in Malayalam (for State of Kerala)

(ii) Candidates are required to pass in each test separately.Merit Order will be decided on the aggregate score obtained in Paper-I.

(iii) Candidates successful in the written test will be called for interview. 
Final selection is on the basis of overall performance in the written test and interview. Further, the appointment of candidates will be subject to his/her being found medically fit in the pre-recruitment medical examination

Exercise 1

 1.  Sanitation is related to Disease as ......... is to Accident.

(a) Doctor

(b) Hospital

(c) Bandage

(d) Cleanliness

(e) Precaution   (Ans)

 2. Which of the following numbers in this row appears a second time nearest to the beginning ?

4  2  3  1  5  6  3  4  6  4  7  3  2  1  5  8  6  9

(a) 1

(b) 3   (Ans)

(c) 5

(d) 2

(e) 6

 3. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate word from amongst those given below.

A young man is ......... wiser than his father.

(a) never

(b) rarely    (Ans)

(c) much

(d) usually

(e) always

 4.  One of the numbers in the following series is wrong. Which number is it ?

1  6  2  7  3  8  4  9  5  10  7  11

(a) 3

(b) 1

(c) 7   (Ans)

(d) 9

 5. The first two statements given below are true. But the truth of falsehood of the third one is to be determined.

All children in this class are good students. John is not a good student. Is john a member of this class ?

(a) Yes

(b) No    (Ans)

(c) Full details in not given

(d) Difficult to say

 6.  A thermometer is related to Temperature as a Speedometer is to .............. .

(a) Fast

(b) Automobile    (Ans)

(c) Velocity

(d) Time

(e) Heat

 7.  Fill in the blanks with the help of the list of words given below so as to make reasonably correct statements.

Women are ..................... shorter than their husbands.

(a) usually    (Ans)

(b) much

(c) always

(d) never

(e) rarely

 8.  Choose from amongst the words in brackets the one that is most nearly an Antonym of the first word in the sentence. Full is the Antonym of

(a) Hollow

(b) Light

(c) Thin

(d) Empty    (Ans)

 9. Dry is the Antonym of

(a) Cold

(b) Slim

(c) Wet    (Ans)

(d) Flooded

(e) Cloudy

 10. Unaided is the Antonym of

(a) Befriended

(b) Helped    (Ans)

(c) Watched

(d) Alone

(e) Lonely

 11. Unlike is the Antonym of

(a) Similar    (Ans)

(b) Equal

(c) Inseparable

(d) Twin

 12.  Exceed is the Anonym of

(a) Shame

(b) Shrink

(c) Just

(d) Miss

(e) Fall short of    (Ans)

 13.  Allow is the Antonym of

(a) Refuse

(b) Deny

(c) Forbid    (Ans)

(d) Punish

 14.  Common is the Antonym of

(a) Strange

(b) Rare    (Ans)

(c) Valuable

(d) Peculiar

 15.  Grow is the Antonym of

(a) Die

(b) Return

(c) Starve

(d) Diminish    (Ans)

 16.  Apology is the Antonym of

(a) Refusal

(b) Insult    (Ans)

(c) Satisfaction

(d) Dissatisfaction

 17. Complete is the Antonym of

(a) Partial    (Ans)

(b) Empty

(c) Small

(d) Indefinite

 18. Indicate whether the following are true or false.

(a) Physics is a science

(b) Jenner introduced vaccination

(c) London is situated on the bank of Spruce

(d) Smoke was coming out of the electric train

(e) Congo is situated on the Nile

Ans : a, b - True,      c, d, e - False

 19.  Give the opposite (Antonym) of the following

(a) Rise           ___

(b) Credit         ___

(c) High           ___

(d) Multiply      ___

(e) Take care    ___

(f)  Add           ___

Ans :

a  -  Fall

b  -  Debit

c  -  Low

d  -  Divide

e  -  Give

f  -  Subtract

 20. Supply the missing numbers.

(a)  2    6    12    20    30   ?   56

(b)  1    4     9    16    25   ?   50

(c)  3    11    8    16    13   ?  18

(d) 38   35   31   26    20   ?   5

(e)  0    1      5    6     10   ?   15

Ans : 

a  -  42

b  -  37

c  -  21

d  -  13

e  -  11

 21. The spelling of the following words is jumbled up. Write them correctly so as to make them corresponding to the meaning given in the hints against each one of them

(a) DHRULE (obstacle)

(b) RPOEPLERL (A thing which rotates)

(c) REVADISYT (Opposite of prosperity)

(d) LABNEG (A province)

(e) BLIRETY (freedom)

(f)  LNKEA (A part of body)

(g) MARRAICH (furniture)

(h) REPORT (A labourer)

(i) RISTARAM (A famous city)

(j) CANENIT (Relating to time)

Ans : 

(a) Hurdle

(b) Propeller

(c) Adversity

(d) Bengal

(e) Liberty

(f) Ankle

(g) Armchair

(h) Porter

(i) Amritsar

(j) Ancient

 22.  In case X, Y, Z are the first three letters of the alphabet draw a circle and write X on its right, otherwise write L, M, N.

Ans :   L, M, N

 23.  Draw three equal circles side by side. One the left side of the small circle on the left, rite the number of inched in a foot and on the right hand side of the right hand circle, write the digit which is wrong answer to twice 5.

Ans :  20009

 24.  Choose from amongst the words in brackets the one that is either 'opposite' or as 'Nearly Opposite' in meaning to the word that is mentioned outside the brackets.

i.     Bitter          (a) Sour           (b) Sweet           (c) Acid         (d) Tart

ii.    Empty         (a) Hungry        (b) Nothing        (c) Full          (d) Thin

iii.   Slope          (a) Slant           (b) Slide            (c) Level        (d) Look

iv.   Liquid          (a) Turpentine   (b) Solid            (c) Water       (d) Food

v.    Smart          (a) Popular        (b) Sluggish       (c) Ugly         (d) Clean

vi.   Love            (a) Cherish        (b) Hate            (c) Friend       (d) Free

vii.  Smile           (a) Laugh          (b) Grown          (c) Frown        (d) Grin

viii. Life              (a) Zeal            (b) Live             (c) Death        (d) Breath

ix.  Arrest           (a) Police           (b) Their           (c) Release      (d) Stop

x.   Float            (a) Wood           (b) Left             (c) Swim         (d) Sink

Ans : 

 (i)     Sweet

(ii)     Full

(iii)    Level

(iv)    Solid

(v)     Ugly                   

(vi)    Hate

(vii)   Frown

(viii)  Death  

(ix)    Release                   

(x)     Sink

 25.  The letters of the words in the following question are jumbled up. Find out the words and write it down correctly.

(i)      SBABELAL                 (ii)    RAPORT

(iii)    ATORRC                    (iv)   KRPEO

(v)     LAPEP                       (vi)   TWIRAI

(vii)   WOELRF                  (viii)    CAMERAI

(ix)    TAPOTSOE                  (x)    ETA

(xi)    RENODM                   (xii)    ENEK

(xiii)  RETHAF                    (xiv)    SRITYAEVD

(xv)   EBRTILY

 Ans : 

 (i)     Baseball

(ii)     Parrot

(iii)    Carrot

(iv)    Poker

(v)     Apple                    

(vi)    Tiwari

(vii)   Flower

(viii)  America

(ix)    Potatoes                    

(x)     Tea

(xi)    Modern

(xii)   Knee

(xiii)  Father

(xiv)  Adversity

(xv)   Liberty

 26. The following are pairs of words which have the same meaning. The letters of the words are however mixed up. rearranged them according to their correct spelling.

(i)   rdpo        lfla              (ii)   hwirl        pisn

(iii)  wrsam     rwocd          (iv)  ylsa         likll

(v)   tif           lelw            (vi)  crepe       rwlca

(vii)  neo        igslen         (viii)  wifst       uqick

Ans : 

 (i)     drop fall

(ii)     whirl spin

(iii)    swarm crowd

(iv)    slay kill

(v)     fit well   

(vi)    creep crawl

(vii)   one single

(viii)  swift quick

 27. From out of the word in the brackets, choose one that would complete the comparisons.

 (i)     Milk is to White as Sky is to                 (Green, Red, Pink, Blue)

(ii)     Wife is to Husband as Mare is to           (King, Horse, Fish, Cow)

(iii)    P is to Q as R is to                              (L, M, B, S, A)

(iv)    1/2 is to 1/4 as 1/8 is to                      (2, 1/16, 2/6, )

(v)     Rich is to Wealthy as Mars is to            (Sin, Planet, Wind, Seal)

(vi)    Stop is to Go as Smooth is to                (Soft, Calm, Poor, Rough, Slow)

(vii)   Petal is to Flower as Arm is to               (Weapon, Body, Law, Ear)

(viii)  Butter is to Bread as Bark is to              (Skin, Shed, Tree, House)

Ans : 

 (i)     Blue

(ii)     Horse

(iii)    S

(iv)    1/16

(v)     Planet

(vi)    Rough

(vii)   Body

(viii)  Tree

 28.  In the example given below, there is a word which does not belong to the Class. Spot out that word.

 (i)     Bananas, Oranges, Apples, Cabbages, Plums

(ii)     Man, Boy, Woman, Husband, Father

(iii)    Arm, Leg, Ankle, Tooth, Wrist, Thigh

(iv)    Coat, Waistcoat, Trousers, Boost, Frock, Stockings

(v)     Bus, Taxi, Tram, Motor-car, Cradle

Ans : 

(i)    Cabbages

(ii)   Woman

(iii)  Wrist

(iv)  Boost

(v)   Cradle

 29.  In each group of numbers given below, fill in the missing digits.

 (i)  19    18   

(ii)   9     18    27    36   45    ...

(iii)   1      2     3     4     2      3      4     5     3    ...

(iv)   3      4     6     7     9     10     12    ...

(v)    1      8     7     2     9      6       3    10    5    ...

Ans : 

 (i)   17

(ii)   54

(iii)  4

(iv)  13

(v)   4


30.  If Solider is to General, then Sailor is to

(a) Ship

(b) Admiral     (Ans)

(c) Submarine

(d) Sea

Ans :  Sailor is to Admiral (it is lowest and highest rank in the Navy)

 31.  In a party consisted of a man and his wife, their two sons and their wives and four children of each son how many persons were there in all ?

Ans :  14

 32.  Which  one of the following statements corresponds more closely to the meaning of the proverb "An early bird catches the worm".

(a) It is foolish to fret about things we cannot help.

(b) Do not worry over troubles before they come.

(c) Do not do the impossible.

(d) Early birds like worms best.    (Ans)

(e) Prompt persons often secure advantages over lazy ones.

 33.  If 12 men can live on certain ration for 6 days, how long will it take 8 men to live on the same ration ?

Ans :  9 days

 34.  Find the extra word in each one of the following lines.

(a) Needle, Tackle, Nail, Knife, Pin  

(b) Feathers, Hair, Grass, Wool, Fur

(c) Circle, Square, Triangle, Hexagon, Pentagon

(d) Coke, Coal, Bread, Wood, Paper

(e) Benevolence, Charity, Kindness, Affection, Hatred

Ans : 

(a)   Tackle

(b)   Grass

(c)   Circle

(d)   Paper

(e)   Hatred

 35.  Music is Harmonious, Noise is .................... (fill in the blanks with opposite meaning)

Ans :  Disharmonious

 36.  Ability is Native, Education is ................

Ans :  Foreign

 37.  Most of the time he talks sense but sometimes he talks ..............

Ans :   Nonsense

 38.  Tortoise is slow but hare is ....................

Ans :   Fast

 39.  Which one of the numbers does not belong in the following series ?


Ans :  10

 40.  Which one of the following is least like the other four ?

Night watchman - Googly - Chinaman - In swinger - Castling

Ans :  Castling - All the other are used in Cricket except castling, it is used in Chess.

      1.  In a certain code language, WINDOW is coded as 452364, SHADE as 17839. Then HIDDEN is coded as ?

(a) 763392

(b) 743392

(c) 765595

(d) 756696

(e) 753392  (Ans)


2. MANAGER is coded as 'klyzlmyzefcdpq', then TYPIST is coded as ?

(a) rsxyxohgqrrs

(b) rswxnoghqrrs   (Ans)

(c) stxyxohgqrrs

(d) stwxuogwqrr

(e) rswxxohgqrrs


3. ORANGE is coded as 'LOXKDB' then GRAPES  is coded as ?



(c) DOXMBP   (Ans)




4. Badminton' is coded as 'cricket'. 'cricket' is coded as 'volley ball'. 'volley ball' is coded as 'long jump'. 'Long jump' is coded as 'Hockey'.  'Hockey' is coded as 'running race'. 'Running race' is coded as 'badminton'. Then find the game which is played by two teams of six players each ?

(a) Walleye ball

(b) Hockey

(c) Cricket

(d) Running Race

(e) Long jump   (Ans)


5. MONEY is coded as 'Innpmodfxz' then RUPEE  is coded as ?

(a) qstvoqdfdf     (Ans)

(b) qsvtoqdtdf

(c) qstvqodfdf

(d) qstvoqtdfd

(e) qstvoqtddf


6. 'NIGRE' is coded as 'ADOQC' then 'ENGINEER' is coded as ?





(e) CAODACCQ     (Ans)


7. 'hikmnlikml' is coded as 'she eats apples'. 'hiksrtwikml' is coded as 'she cooks food' then what is code for 'she eats food' ?

(a) hikmnlikml      (Ans)

(b) ikmlbdcmnl

(c) bdcmnlikml

(d) mnlbdcikml

(e) srtwhikikml


8. '3 4 5' is coded as 'Sunday is Holiday', '674' is coded as 'come on Sunday' 751 is coded as 'Holiday will come'. Then what is the coded for 'is' ?

(a) 1

(b) 5

(c) 4

(d) 3     (Ans)

(e) 6


9. 'LEAVE HIM' is coded as 'JCYTC FGK' 'CATCH URGENTLY' is coded as ?


(b) AYRAF SPECLRJW     (Ans)





10.  'DANCE' is coded as '12345' and 'DANGER' is coded as '123657'. Then 'EAGERED' is coded as ?

(a) 5465751

(b) 5275651

(c) 5365751

(d) 5265751     (Ans)

(e) 5635751


11.  'SURVEY' is coded as 'TTSUFX' then 'WISDOM'  is coded as ?

(a) XHTCPL    (Ans)






12. 'WISE MAN' is coded as '1324 658' 'WINTER' is coded as '138749' then 'SAME WATER' is coded as ?

(a) 2764 15849

(b) 2764

(c) 2563 15849

(d) 2456 15749

(e) 2564 15749   (Ans)


13. 'mouse' is called 'keyboard', 'keyboard' is called 'CPU', 'CPU' is called 'monitor', 'monitor' is called 'UPS' is called 'floppy'. Then find the article which is useful in entering inputs ?

(a) mouse

(b) keyboard

(c) monitor

(d) UPS

(e) CPU   (Ans)


14. '456' means 'she is beautiful'. '632' means 'He is handsome'. '517' means 'She works hard"., '486' means 'flower is beautiful'. Then find the code for the words 'flower'.

(a) 4

(b) 6

(c) 5

(d) 2

(e) 8   (Ans)


15.  'ROUGH' is coded as '45312',  'SAME' is coded as '7698'. Then 'MOUSE' coded as ?

(a) 95387

(b) 95378  (Ans)

(c) 95738

(d) 93587

(e) 59387


16. 'pqostygxmnlia' is coded as 'manager is there'  'xyrskixtygx' is coded as 'clerk is here'. 'ygxsrtvpqst' is coded as 'manager is genius'. Then 'there' is coded as ? 

(a) xyrs

(b) kixt

(c) ygx

(d) mnlia   (Ans)


17. 'Trees' are called 'Birds', 'Birds' are called 'creatures' 'creatures' are called 'snakes', 'snakes' are called 'tortoises', 'tortoises' are called 'hares'. 'Hares' are called 'Hens'. Then find which do not move from one place to another ?

(a) tortoise

(b) Hares

(c) Birds   (Ans)

(d) Snakes

(e) Creatures


18. 'Lions' are called 'Tigers'. 'Tigers' are called 'Bear'. 'Bear' are called 'Donkeys'. 'Donkeys' are called 'foxes'. 'foxes' are called 'leopards'. 'leopards' are called 'Tigers'. Then find the animal which has more hair ?

(a) Lions

(b) Donkeys   (Ans)

(c) Tigers

(d) Deer

(e) leopard


19.  'Kings' are 'Queens',  'Queens' are 'Aces', 'Aces' are 'Jacks', 'Jacks' are 'Spades', 'Spades' are 'Diamonds'. 'Diamonds' are called 'Kings', Who is the lady supreme in the kingdom ?

(a) Aces   (Ans)

(b) Diamonds

(c) Kings

(d) Queens

(e) Jacks


20. 'Doors' are 'Mats'. 'Mats' are 'Walls', 'Walls' are 'Floors', 'Floors' are 'Windows', 'Windows' are 'Grills', 'Grills' are 'Beams' 'Beams' are 'Doors'. The find  which is covered by carpet ?

(a) Door

(b) mat

(c) wall

(d) floor

(e) window    (Ans)

              Exercise 3


            U is towards East from T and R. But T is towards West from R and U. S is located at North-West when we observe from R. And V is located at South-West when we observe from U. P is located at East when we observe from S.  U is towards South from P.

1.  Find the direction of T from P ?

(a) South-West  (Ans)

(b) West

(c) West-East

(d) South

(e) North


2.  Find the direction of S from T ?

(a) South-East

(b) North-East    (Ans)

(c) North

(d) South

(e) East


3. Find the direction of U from V ?

(a) North

(b) North-East   (Ans)

(c) South-East

(d) South

(e) West


4. Find the direction of V from P ?

(a) North

(b) West-North

(c) West-South

(d) North-East

(e) South-East    (Ans)


5. Find the direction of T from P ?

(a) South-West   (Ans)

(b) West

(c) West-East

(d) South

(e) North


6. Find the direction of T from S ?

(a) South-West   (Ans)

(b) North-East

(c) North

(d) South

(e) East


7. Find the direction of U from V ?

(a) North

(b) North-East   (Ans)

(c) South-East

(d) South

(e) West


8.  Find the direction of V from S ?

(a) North

(b) West-North 

(c) West-South

(d) North-East

(e) South-East   (Ans)


9.   A man walks 10 km towards East, then turns 600 angle left walks 6 km and turns right walks 5 km, and turns 300 angle right and walks 4 km. Then find in which direction he is from the starting point ?

(a) North-East   (Ans)

(b) North-West

(c) South-East

(d) South-West

(e) North


10.  A man walks 4 km towards Nand turns right walks 7 km turns right walks 4 km and turns left walks 9 km, turns left and walks 4 km then turns right walks 6 km and turns right walks 4 km. Find the distance he is form the starting point and in which direction is he from the starting point ?

(a) 20 km, West

(b) 22 km, East    (Ans)

(c) 32 km South

(d) 22 km, South

(e) 22 Km, North


11.  A person walks 7 km towards South and turns right; walks 3 km and turns left walks 13 km and then he turns left walks 3 km and turns right walks 4 km and turns left walks 4 km and then right walks 6 km and turns right walks 4 km, then find in which direction is he from the starting point and find the distance of him, from the starting point ?

(a) South, 23 km

(b) East, 23 km

(c) South, 30 km    (Ans)

(d) North, 23 km

(e) North, 30 km


12. A man walks 3.5 km towards East, then turns right walks 2.5 km, turns left walks 4 km, turns right walks 3 km, turns right walks 7.5 km, turns left walks 5.5 km. Then find the distance and direction is he from the starting point to the finally reached point ?

(a) 12 km, North

(b) 11 km, South    (Ans)

(c) 12 km, South

(d) 10.5 km, North

(e) 10.5 km, South


13. A man walks 9 km towards East and turns right and walks 2 km and then turns right and walks 3 km and turns left walks 4 km. Then find the direction of the starting point from the finally reached point and also find the distance from the starting point ?

(a) North, 7 km

(b) South-East, 6 km    (Ans)

(c) North-West, 5 km

(d) South-West, 5 km

(e) North-East, 5 km


14.  A man walks 7 km towards South, then he turns left with 600 and walks 15 km, then turns right and walks 12 km, then turns right and walks 15 km, then turns left and walks 5 km. Then find the direction he is from the starting point?

(a) South-East

(b) South   (Ans)

(c) East

(d) North

(e) West


15.  A girl walks 25 metre towards East, then she turns right walks 45 metre and turns right and walks 25 metre right and turns right and walks 78 metre. Then  find the distance of her from the starting point and find the direction of her from the starting point ?

(a) 33 m, South

(b) 33 m, North    (Ans)

(c) 45 m, North

(d) 25 m, North

(e) 78 m, North