LIC HFL - Candidate Experience |   1963

LIC HFL - Candidate Experience

LIC HFL 2016 held at mumbai on 13 march online test of marks 100.

Total Questions:100
-0.5 marks for wrong.
Paper was easy .

I have remembered these questions:

1. size of byte: ans 1

2 difference between servlet n applet

3.Which of these packages contains all the classes and methods required for even handling in Java?
a) java.applet
b) java.awt
c) java.event
d) java.awt.event

4.Which of these method is given parameter via command line arguments?
a) main().
b) recursive() method.
c) Any method.
d) System defined methods.

5.What is the output of this program, Command line execution is done as – “java Output command Line 10 A b 4 N”?

  1. class Output {
  2. publicstaticvoid main(String args[]){
  3. System.out.print("(int)args[2] * 2");
  4. }
  5.  a) java

b) 10
c) 20
d) b

6.Which of these interface declares core method that all collections will have?
a) set
b) EventListner
c) Comparator
d) Collection

7.Which of these is an incorrect array declaration?
a) int arr[] = new int[5]
b) int [] arr = new int[5]
c) int arr[] arr = new int[5]
d) int arr[] = int [5] new

8 hibenate architecture how many layers?

This much only I remembred hope this one helps!!!