JPSC Question-Paper |   841

JPSC Question-Paper

                                     Jharkhand PSC Previous Year Question Paper

1. Mansabdars in the Mughal period were :
(A) Revenue Collectors
(B) Army officers
(C) Officials of the State
(D) Hindu Chiefs, who accepted Mughal suzerainty

2. Nobel Prize in Physics for 2012 has been awarded to :
(A) Serge Haroche and David J.Wineland
(B) John Gordon and Stephen Hawkins
(C) Brian Schmitt
(D) Andre Gim

3. The 39th Chief Justice of India appointed on 29th September, 2012 is :
(A) Justice S. H. Kapadia 
(B) Justice Altamas Kabir
(C) Justice Y.K. Sachchar 
(D) Justice Ahmadi

4. T-20 World-Cup Cricket championship 2012 was won by :
(A) India 
(B) Australia
(C) Sri Lanka 
(D) West Indies

5. Who is a signatory with India in the loan agreement of five hundred million dollars towards secondary education project named as Rashtriya Madhyamik Shikshha Abhiyan ?
(A) IMF 
(B) World Bank
(C) Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 
(D) Central Bank of Sweden

6. Which country of Asia has the longest coastline in proportion to its area ?
(A) Japan 
(B) Philippines
(C) Vietnam 
(D) Indonesia

7. Which continent has the highest infrastructural facilities and social capital ?
(A) North America 
(B) South America
(C) Europe 
(D) Asia

8. Which mountain system has the greatest influence on the climate ?
(A) Rocky Mountains 
(B) Andes Mountains
(C) Alps Mountains
(D) Himalaya Mountains

9. What is the greatest source of energy in the Indian Economy ?
(A) Hydel power
(B) Thermal power
(C) Nuclear power 
(D) Tidal power

10. Which is the greatest source of irrigation to the Indian agriculture ?
(A) Well irrigation
(B) Canal irrigation
(C) Tank irrigation 
(D) Drip irrigation

11. Which lake gets completely frozen during the winter season ?
(A) Sambhar Lake 
(B) Nagin Lake
(C) Nainital Lake 
(D) Loktak Lake

12. Westerly Jet Stream during the summer season is located between :
(A) 35ºN to 45ºN 
(B) 30ºN to 40ºN
(C) 25ºN to 35ºN 
(D) 20ºN to 35ºN

13. Which State is the largest producer of wheat in India ?
(A) Madhya Pradesh 
(B) Uttar Pradesh
(C) Haryana 
(D) Punjab

14. Which State has the highest rice yield in India ?
(A) Punjab 
(B) Haryana
(C) West Bengal 
(D) Kerala

15. Which State has the highest agricultural density in India ?
(A) Bihar 
(B) West Bengal
(C) Kerala 
(D) Uttar Pradesh

16. The Andaman and Nicobar group of islands have been separated by :
(A) Eight Degree Channel
(B) Nine Degree Channel
(C) Ten Degree Channel 
(D) Twelve Degree Channel

17. The highest mountain peak in the Eastern Ghats is :
(A) Anai Mudi 
(B) Javadi Hills
(C) Jyantia Hills 
(D) Mahendra Giri

18. High percentage of child population in a country is due to :
(A) High birth rate
(B) High death rate
(C) High life expectancy
(D) Joint family system

19. What is the weather characteristic of Indian plains during the winter season ?
(A) Warm days and cold nights 
(B) Warm days and warm nights
(C) Cool days and cold nights 
(D) Cold days and cool nights

20. Which place in India is famous for Karst features ?
(A) Trivandrum 
(B) Jabalpur
(C) Barmer 
(D) Mawsynram

21. Which State has the highest percentage of Net Sown Area in India ?
(A) Uttar Pradesh 
(B) Bihar
(C) West Bengal 
(D) Kerala

22. Which State shares its boundary with largest number of other States of India ?
(A) Uttar Pradesh 
(B) Assam
(C) Chhattisgarh 
(D) Madhya Pradesh

23. Ebony trees are found in the areas with rainfall more than :
(A) 150 cm 
(B) 100 cm
(C) 70 cm 
(D) 50 cm

24. Tropic of Cancer does not pass through which of the following States ?
(A) West Bengal 
(B) Tripura
(C) Mizoram
(D) Manipur

25. Which country has the largest extent of territorial waters ?
(A) Thailand 
(B) Japan
(C) Indonesia 
(D) Philippines

26. The Community Development Programme was launched for :
(A) Empowerment of women
(B) Uplift of women and scheduled castes
(C) Ensuring peoples participation in development
(D) None of the above

27. The members of All India Services are appointed by :
(A) Union Public Service Commission 
(B) Ministry of Personnel
(C) Cabinet 
(D) President

28. The first step to organize students in India was initiated in 1920 when All India Students Union was formed by :
(A) Lala Lajpat Rai 
(B) Gandhi
(C) Motilal Nehru 
(D) Subhash Chandra Bose

29. Who chaired the committee appointed by the Janata Government to review the Panchayati Raj ?
(A) Ashok Mehta
(B) Krishna Iyer
(C) Chandrashekhar 
(D) None of the above

30. The Urban local bodies in India were accorded constitutional status by :
(A) 70th Amendment Act 
(B) 73rd Amendment Act
(C) 74th Amendment Act 
(D) 80th Amendment Act