JKPSC Placement Paper |   609

JKPSC Placement Paper

                                                       J&K PSC Old Question Paper

1. What is Fog ?
(A) a cumulonimbus cloud 
(B) a low stratus cloud
(C) a cirro stratus cloud 
(D) an altocumulus cloud

2. Plain formed due to filling up of lakes are called :
(A) Delta plains
(B) Flood plains
(C) Till plains 
(D) Lacustrine plains

3. Isochrones are lines joining places with equal :
(A) Longitude 
(B) Travelling time from a point
(C) Rainfall 
(D) Frost

4. The other name for contour lines is :
(A) Isopotential 
(B) Isopleths
(C) Isohyets 
(D) Isohypse

5. Ritchie Archipelago, a collection of small islands is a part of :
(A) Andaman & Nicobar 
(B) Lakshadweep
(C) Maldives
(D) Pondicherry

6. The Pacific Ring of fire is associated with :
(A) Forest fire 
(B) Volcano & Earthquake
(C) Oil well fire 
(D) Thermal Power Station

7. Which of the following has oldest rocks in the country ?
(A) Himalayas 
(B) Peninsular India
(C) Indo Gangetic plain 
(D) Shivalik

8. The Rocks in Himalayan system are mainly :
(A) Sedimentary 
(B) Igneous
(C) Plutonic 
(D) Dyke

9. Which of the following rivers flows through the rift valley ?
(A) Ganga 
(B) Narmada
(C) Brahmaputra 
(D) Krishna

10. Which place receives maximum solar energy in December ?
(A) Kolkata 
(B) Delhi
(C) Amritsar 
(D) Chennai

11. Of which major River System, Teesta forms a part ?
(A) Ganga
(B) Brahmaputra
(C) Indus
(D) Godavari

12. The disease called “black arm” affects :
(A) Bajra 
(B) Sugarcane
(C) Cotton 
(D) Rice

13. Where is sandalwood commonly found ?
(A) Tropical Evergreen forest 
(B) Tropical Scrubland areas
(C) Alpine 
(D) Tropical Deciduous forest

14. Where is Wild Ass Sanctuary ?
(A) Assam
(B) Gujarat
(C) Uttar Pradesh 
(D) Rajasthan

15. Which of the following sanctuaries is known for Water Buffaloes ?
(A) Manas Sanctuary in Assam
(B) Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary
(C) Kanha National Park 
(D) Corbett National Park

16. Which State is the leading producer of Coconut ?
(A) Assam 
(B) Kerala
(C) Tamil Nadu 
(D) Karnataka

17. What kind of soil is ideal for rice cultivation ?
(A) clayey 
(B) sandy
(C) clayey loamy of deltas 
(D) rich regur

18. ‘Jaya’ is the name for high yielding variety for :
(A) Wheat 
(B) Rice
(C) Bajra 
(D) Cotton

19. Where are Ambassador cars manufactured ?
(A) Mumbai 
(B) Delhi
(C) Kolkata 
(D) Bangalore

20. Which of the following is not a world heritage site in India ?
(A) Kaziranga National Park
(B) Corbett National Park
(C) Konark Sun Temple 
(D) Valley of Flowers National Park

21. India borrowed the idea of Federal System with a strong Central System from :
(A) U.S.A. 
(B) Canada
(C) Australia 
(D) New Zealand

22. The power to form new State or change boundaries of existing State rests with :
(A) President 
(B) Parliament
(C) Election Commission 
(D) None of the above

23. Dr. Manmohan Singh, laid the foundation stone of India’s first Defence University “Indian National Defence University” in the State of :
(A) Haryana 
(B) Himachal Pradesh
(C) J&K 
(D) Punjab

24. In which of the following years, a separate National Commission for SCs came into existence ?
(A) 2000 
(B) 2004
(C) 2002 
(D) 2006

25. The Supreme Court consists of Chief Justice and :
(A) Seven Judges 
(B) Twenty-five Judges
(C) Eleven Judges 
(D) Thirty Judges

26. A group of three students wins Rs. 1,800 as prize. They wish to share the money unequally such that the difference in the amounts is the same. If the minimum amount obtained happens to be twice the difference in the amounts, the maximum amount is :
(A) 500 
(B) 600
(C) 700 
(D) 800

27. The capital of World’s newest country the Republic of South Sudan is :
(A) Akobo 
(B) Wan
(C) Jubba (Juba) 
(D) Malakal

28. Which Article of Constitution permits the Supreme Court to review its own judgement or order ?
(A) Article 139 
(B) Article 137
(C) Article 138 
(D) Article 142

29. The Supreme Court pronounced the theory of “Basic Structure” of Constitution in :
(A) A.K. Gopalan v. State of Madaras 
(B) Golaknath’s case
(C) Keshavananda Bharti case 
(D) Minerva Mill case

30. The maximum strength of elected members in a State Legislative Assembly can be :
(A) 250 
(B) 300
(C) 450 
(D) 500