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Interview-HR Interview

ITC Infotech Placement Paper

Hi Friends,

This is Arnab Ghosh of St. Thomascollege of engineering and technology. I have recently appeared inthe on campus drive of ITC Infotech and would like to share theexperience with you.

The campuss selection process consistedof three rounds in all.

1. Aptitude.

2. Group Discussion

3. Personal Interview

Let me start with the aptitude first.

1. Aptitude-Thepaper had equal stress on quantitative,logical reasoning, english.The advantage of the test was that there was no sectional cut-off. Sono rejection untill someone scored zero in any section. There wasonly an overall cut-off.

* Quantitativepart containedmathematical problems mainly of directions, age etc.

* Logical reasoninghad puzzles mainly like the ones in R.S.Aggarwal.

* Englishwaseasy containing comprehensions, sentence corrections.

* Now let me move onto the Group Discussion.

2. Group Discussion-Ourtopic was-"Recently india has grown into a economicsuperpower-Reality or Myth". Friends here they mainly assessyour communication skills. This is the main region where theyeliminate. Candidates selected from the aptitude roung were halved inthis round.

Finally the Interview round.

3. Interview:

The HR questions were.

1. Tell something about yourself?

2. What are your strengths andweaknesses?(They prefer unique strengths and weaknesses.They keep onpressing on something more nuanced.)

3. Do you have any problem inrelocating for the sake of your job?

4. If you are already placed somewherewhy are you still interested to join ITC.?

5. What are your hobbies? (Be very veryspecific and clear about your hobbies. They grill you a lot onthe hobbies)

6. Are you interested to study further?

The Technical questionswere:

1. What is fibonacci series?

2. What is data abstraction?

3. What is an array?

4. Write a C program todisplay fibonacci series.

All the best for your campusInterviews. Hope that the above Information will of some help to you.