ISRO Placement Paper |   6825

ISRO Placement Paper

                                    ISRO Placement Paper For The Post Of Assistant

ISRO Placement Paper for the post of Assistant including English language,GK questions and Aptitude questions.

Directions: Find out the related pair for the pair given below 
a) elephant : trumpet 
b) lion : roar
c) scorpion : dance 
d) Ambrosa : god

Direction: Out of the alternatives given, select the word which means exactly the opposite of the given word.
a) Apocryphal 
b) Useful 
c) Astute 
d) Dilatory

Direction: Select a word or phrase from the given list to complete the sentence
3.I ran quickly ------------- late.
a) not in order to be 
b)in order to be not
c)in order not to be 
d) in order to not be

4.The -------- of the discussion is still not known
a) effect 
b) output 
c) product 
d) outcome

5.They needn’t worry --------- ?
a)isn't it 
b)doesn't it 
c)don't it 
d) need they

6.The greater the demand ... ... the price.
c)the higher 
d) the high

Direction: Mark the correct meaning of the word given in bold letters
a) one who is eager for advancement 
b) recluse
c) one who has breathing trouble 
d) failure

Direction: From among the given options, choose a word that is closest in meaning to the capitalized word.
a) Categorical 
b) injurious 
c) diligent 
d) insolent

Direction: The question below consists of a word printed in capital letters. Choose the word that is nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters:
a) Unlawful 
b) capricious 
c) delirious 
d) Legal

Direction: The sentence or phrase given below is followed by four words; pick the word, which is closest in meaning to the phrase or sentence: 
10.To make new again
a) profane 
b) contend. 
c) renovate 
d) dwindle

Direction: In the following questions, find out the pair of words, which makes the sentence meaningful and complete.
11.A sudden chilling rain --------------- lashed the swells and ---------------- her with stinging drops
a) lust; stroked 
b) torrent; smooched
c) drops; beat 
d) tsunami; attacked

12.The key is to make sure that homework is not a ---------------------- experience and that it gets done with minimal-------------------
a) mind-boggling; effort 
b) traumatic; hassle
c) jovial; brain power 
d) unsanctioned; vacillation

Direction: Question below consists of a related pair of words, followed by four pair of words. Select the pair that best explains a relationship to that expressed in the original pair.
a) beef : pig 
b) pork : cow 
c) venison : deer 
d) seed : plant

Direction: The sentence given below is followed by four words. Pick the word,which is closest in meaning to the sentence.
14.A feeling that something unpleasant is going to happen
a) premonition 
b) Salvation 
c) forecast 
d) demystification

Directions: In the following question, find out which one of the words given below the sentence can most appropriately replace the group of words italicized in the sentence.
15.Those who pass through this gate without permission will be prosecuted.
b) Culprits
c) Thoroughfares 
d) Trespassers

16.Which of. the following naval ships has been converted into a swimming museum by India?
a)Indian Naval Ship - Hamala 
b)Indian Naval Ship - Delhi
c)Indian Naval Ship - Vikrant 

17.Which of the following has been awarded with "Bharat Ratna "posthumously ?
a)Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 
b)Pt. Madan Mohan Malavia
c)Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan 
d)Vinoba Bhave

18.If CAT is coded as 24, what will be the code Number of BAT?

19.Who among the following is the Chairman of the National Integration Council?
a) The President 
b) The Vice-President
c) The Prime Minister 
d) The Chief Justice of India

20.Which one of the following shipyards builds warships for Indian Navy?
a) Mazgaon Docks, Mulnbai 
b) Cochin Shipyard, Kochi
c) Hindustan shipyard, Visakpatanam 
d)Garden Reach Workshop,Kolkata

21.Who has written the book " The Elephant, The Tiger and The cellphone"?
a) Alice Hoffman 
b) Shashi Tharoor 
c) Bridie Clark 
d) J. D. Robb

22.Which of the following Gupta kings stopped the Hunas from invading India?
a)Skanda Gupta 
b)Samudra Gupta
c)Chandra Gupta 

23.Which of the following awards is considered as the Alternate Nobel Prize?
a)Ramon Magasaysay Award 
b)Right Livelihood Award
c)Kalinga Award 
d)Booker Prize

24.In a certain code, COMPUTER is written as RFUVQNPC. How is MEDICINE written in the same code?

25.The sky appears blue due to:
a) scattering of light by dust particles 
b) the colour of the sea water 
c) the presence of water in clouds 
d) None of these 

26.In certain code SOUTHERN is written as UVPTMQDG. How is MARIGOLD written in that code ?

27.The International Women's Day is observed on
a) 8U1 March 
b) 18th March 
c) 28h11 March 
d) 10th March

28.World Bank recently approved a loan to which one of the following Indian States to improve safety on roads ?
a) Bihar 
b) Gujarat 
c) Andhra Pradesh 
d) West Bengal

29.Who among the following was first Indian to bag gold in Olympics ?
a) Rajyavardhan Rathore 
b) Mahesh`Bhupati
c) Abhinav Bindra 
d) Limba'Ram

30.A judge of a high court can be removed from the office before the expiry of tenure by the ... 
a) President on the recommendation of the supreme court. 
b) Governor on the recommendations of the state legislations 
c) President on the recommendation of the state legislature 
d) President on the recommendation of the Parliament.