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Intel Question-Paper

                                                   INTEL Sample Paper

Hi, This is Intel/SSS paper at IISc . They given 34 ( I think ) questions and 1hr time . U can easily complete those questions within 45 min. Don't be hurry. Quesions are tricky. Think and answer those. Here I am writing questions what i remembered. Some questions carry 2 marks. 

1. main()
what is o/p of above program ?

2. quick sort time complexity is better than merge sort complexity in one case ?. what is that case ?

3. A queastion on signal catch. Given set of signals , which are u cannot catch ?

4. what is critical section ?
ans is the code where shared resources is accesed.

5. if (cond1)
if ( cond2)
if cond1 is true 25 % and cond2 is true 75 % . If above program executes 10000 times how many times f() and g() exectes ?.
ans is f() is 2500 and g is around 5600 ( please check this)

6. sample code is given ( which is nothing but bubble sort )
and he asked 3 questions on this with some data set .
hint ( to get ans) : please check if condition properly and write down answer

7.qustion on broadcasting addr .he is given question to get easily confusion
.ans to that is

8. one question in C++ public,private inheritance .
class A
private : f()
class B
{ public : f()
class c: public A,B
which f() is invoked ?.
ans is class B f(). question on ARP .
On reboot which one is check whether is IP adddr is duplicated or not ?
( question is something like this )
ans is grattitu ARP

10 . A question on virtual function.

class A
public :
sum(){print ( "A");

class B
public :
virtual sum(){print ( "B");
class c : public A,B
public :
sum(){print ( "C");
A *a;
B *b;
C c;
ans : ACC

11. One probelm is given on LFU page replacement policy .( 2 frames sizes memory and given page references . At the end what are pages in main page table ?.)
ans is 14

12 . One question on implementing Hardware Synchronization.
( ans is swap)

13. One question on semaphores.

14. one question on Regular expression

15. Given set of languages and queastion is find out CFG in those.

16. Productions are given in terms of S A B and string is also given aaaaa and he asked production sequence .

17 . which of the following doesnpt creat process .
( four commands are given ls , od ..)
please find answer