intel Question-Paper Contributed by Meba Ann updated on Dec 2021
intel interview questions technical and hr aptitude questions |   12508

intel interview questions technical and hr aptitude questions

intel questions in interview technical,hr aptitude questions asked in different placement drives conducted in previous years 


intel Interview Details 

All interviewers are very friendly.
They ask mainly based on your field of interest written in your CV. So be sure about it.

In 1st round, they asked to me to 

1) design asynchronous mod-10 counter.
2) working of transistor based NOR gate and inverter for any input combination.
3)Write an assembly program of accumulative addition of 10 numbers stored in stack i.e. from 0x00 to 0x10 ,add them to a contant number.then store it in accumulator reg.
4)What is linker list in C ?

In 2nd round, one inteviewer  asked me 
about Cache.
Define Cache.
Why Cache in faster ?
Where it is located in chip? 
Give difference bet. SRAM and Cache.

1) Next he ask me about MOS,How to reduce bn/bp ratio practically? what is effect on DC characteristic ?

2) Explain Product life cycle(PLC).

3) Explain STA(Static Timing Analysis) with example.

4) Design 128:1 mux from 4:1 mux,how many MUX and selection lines are required ?

5) Tell me Why should i hire u ?Atlast, he told me to ask some question if I want.

In 3rd round, HR person asked me about two waveforms, so i had to identify them. Next he two me about two situation & ask me how do you tackle them ?

In 4th round, two guys took my interview. It was the final panel, that I had to face. It was longest and difficult among all other rounds.
They quickly threw questions on me one by one. There are lots of questions, but I can recall few of them.

1) 1st is identify one mux based circuit, identify layout, what is total W/L ratio of layout in parallel.

2) Explain set up & hold time violation in sequential & combinational ckt. Also same in single & double edge triggered flip-flop .

3) One non-technical problem to check your honesty.

4) Tell me something about your project that u had done in B.E & problems did u face during M.Tech projects,how do u overcome it. What are limitations of your projects ? Which tools did you use ?

5) What is your weakness. how do u overcome. Will you want to learn any scripting language in future ? Next, they show me one simulation command file to identify it.

6) Give different suggestions to speed up invertor. --Wish u best luck ...u may be inside intel (intel inside).

Be confident about resume