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Infosys Whole-Testpaper

Latest Infosys Placement Papers and question and answers.Previous year infosys placement papers and campus placement test pattern and selection procedure of 2014

Infosys campus placement drive January 2014 I attended January 18th placement drive in Banglore In may batch around 200 students participated Infosys on line test
Infosys on line aptitude test is the first section. Infosys aptitude test was not so difficult It consists 

Infosys written test pattern : Time Limit 1 hour 40 Minutes
No of questions : 60 Questions
Analytical Reasoning 20 Questions
Verbal Reasoning and verbal ability :40 Questions-35 minutes

Infosys Aptitude Test Reasoning Section Verbal Section 
In aptitude test there was sectional cut-off, reasoning paper was easy and the verbal one was average but the main problem was sectional cut-off which I think was high so be accurate and attempt a lot there was no negative marking). 

Infosys Reasoning Section
Data sufficiency, Picture series,5 ques on Puzzle 
5 ques on another Puzzle
5 ques on Syllogism
Two passage question

Below I mentioned some memorable questions only pattern and model not exact these questions Refer these question patters and type then practice well

1 A cube of volume 1000cm3 is divided into small cubes of 1cm3 ..& all the outer surfaces are painted how many cubes will be there with (at least one side painted or no side painted)..
ans : 512 & 1000

2 In a circular track a tortoise & rabit started in opp. direction.. rabit started only when tor. covered 1/8 th of the track after that rabit started with some speed ( given dont remember) & covered 1/6 th of the track. till that time for continued his journey with same speed.. with what speed should rabit now move so that it may reach before the starting point..

3 . (a) cheerleaders : pompoms
(b) audience:seats
(c) team:goalposts
(d) conductor:podium
(e) referee:decision
Ans. (a)

4 . archipelago:islands::
(a) arbor:bower
(b) garden:flower
(c) mountain:valley
(d) sand:dune
(e) constellation:star
Ans. (a)

5. crow:boastful ::
(a) smirk:witty
(b) conceal:s;y
(c) pout:sulky
(d) blush:coarse
(e) bluster:unhappy

6 Members expect which will be the elected party among 4 parties namely Flying party, Eatwell,Good sleep, Loosing parties X expects that either f.p or e.w.p will win. Y expects that either f.p or g.s will win Z expects that neither e.w.p nor g.s.p will win One part of each members statement is correct. Which partywill win?
Ans: F.P

These are all I remembered Friends some suggestion is that practice, Time management important, Try to take Infosys mock on line practice test Refer previous years solved question papers