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Hello ,
I want to share my experience of infosys selection with you all, but before that let me tell you that Infy hires in bulk, so if you have 65+ during b.tech, have a good aptitude & communication skill then you're more likely to be selected.

On 23rd sept Infy visited our college for Recruitment, we had a pre placement talk by Mr.Sudhir Mishra , Global head HR of infy, the good thing about this talk was that it removed our previous myths about the company and inspired us all a lot.

Then paper started at 11am.
FIRST Section:
Logical Reasoning- (30 questions in 40 min)
1. 5 questions from figure pattern (Find the missing figure)
2. 2 passage of puzzle (5 ques each so total 10 ques)
3. 2 passage of Data interpretation (5 ques each so total 10 ques)
4. 5 questions from Syllogisms

There was no quants.
you can easily solve 15 questions  from this ques
and the rest depends on your preparation .

This section was pretty tough and lenghty too.

1. 10 ques of Sentence correction
2.10 ques of fill in with appropiate word
3. 10 question of Theme completion (ques were like what do you infer from this passage)
4. 2 RC's (5 ques each) (The RC was really lenghty so attempt it last)

practice your reading skills and work hard on grammer as english section is pretty tough. Although not much of vocab was asked only 2 ques were thr.

I cleared the cutoff and was called for the interview very early , so be prepared beforehand,
my HR was a 50-60 yr old person , was quite polite to me ,
asked a few basic questions covering my resume like
my projects, hobbies , achievement,
he also gave me a few situations and asked me how would i react to them, by this they check your presence of mind.
Be confident in whatever you speak and surely u'll crack it.
Out of 628 who appeared 158 were selected & i was one of them.