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Hi People,

I went for the Infosys test at St. Michaels Acadamey at Chennai on 12th Nov. 2006. To my SHOCK the PATTERN CHANGED....30 min, 45 questions for a Logical test....Parctice these sort of questions alot so that you can manage with time...Looking at all the other papers, I practiced only for puzzles.....I do not remember the questions but the pattern was something like this....
1) In a town, there are hindus, muslims, christians, jains and sikhs....hindus was 1 more than jains. Jains and seakhs were 1/2 more than muslims, christian, hindus & jains.......Like this 4 or 5 statements were given to form a paragraph....Questions were based on the  paragraph where in you need to calculate the no. and % of each.....4 choices were given for each question asked.....
2) Some figures were drawn (like 5 continuous ones).....then 5 choices were given to find out what is next in the series....Some 5 or 6 questions were given of this type....
3) For each question there are 2 statements like:
a) x and 63 has an LCM of ....(number was given there)
b) x and (some number-given there) has an HCF of (number given there)
and you need to choose from choices as below:
a) any one of the statements  is enough to find x
b) both statements are required to find x
c) data is not sufficient
Based on this there were 5 or 6 questions...
4)There were 2 graphs drawn, one was a bar graph and the other had dots to show the use of petroleum....Based on this 5 or 6 questions were asked....But you get confused here as if you have not practised this then you will not know which graph to look at and answer the questions....
5) p,q,r,s,t have qualifications as a,b,c,d,e (not in the same order) are not doctors. 2 are male and 3 female. v,w,x,y,z are doctors and have degrees as j,k,l,m,n (not in the same order). Some more things were given to wich you can easily find out what qualification does p,q,r,s,t have....to find this is very easy....then there are statements where p is a friend of the doctor who has qulification l....doctor w does not have a qulification m and some more statements....but to do this question you need practice and time as finding the degree of the doctors is difficult...the statements were confusing......Based on this there were 5 questions....with choices....
6) Some statements were given like:
a)All photographers are farmers
b)Ram is a farmer
c)Some photographers are farmers
d).......statements given there
e).......statemets given thers
1) ABE           2) BDE       3) AED     4)DEA
You need to find out the group which best matches. Some 5 questions of this type were given.....
Friends, I am telling you one thing....the paper may look simple, it was also....but I was not prepared for this sort of a test....You need to practice well and most importantly manage time.....English test was 30 min and 30 questions....Very easy....2 passages were there and questions were based on that....then sentence corrrections and filling in the right word in the blanks....very easy....can go without preparation itself.....From about 1000 or 1200 students only 48 were selected for the interview.......
Wish you all the best!!!