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Hello Every body,

I am very happy and relieved after the results of Infosys recruitment. I made it. I made it into my Dad’s favorite company. On that day of recruitment it was a pool campus interview, hence not only my college students but there were other college students too who were a part of it to give the test. There were roughly around 800 students and about 50-60 got selected. These stats are by no means of getting discouraged and getting bogged down or to get tensed. The foremost thing is that even if there more number of them, the HR made it very clear that they are willing to take every body if they prove their mettle. Remember one thing friends even if there is vacancy of only one person, have such confidence levels that you would be that one person to get through it.  Coming to the actual selection process:


The process is two tiers:

1) The first round is the written round where in we have two papers. The first paper is the reasoning and aptitude paper. This consists of few puzzles(2-3, we had 3),Data interpretation, Data Suffiency, Syllogisms and reasoning(finding the odd figure out…. Practice RS Agarwal).


The puzzles are simple ones, but there is a need to read and think very quickly. The word is speed. This comes only by practice. The puzzles can be easily found in any good CAT material. Remember guys, there is no need of Barrons. Hence don’t waste your time on that. One example is:

“Ramu started at point A and moved towards north for about 20kms and reached point B, at B he turned right and moved 20kms to reach C. From C, he turned left and moved another 20kms towards point D till he reached D. Then he reached E by traveling 20kms to the right from where he stopped at D. Then he again moved 20kms till he reached F. From F he moved 30kms in direction.”

The questions were based on this data, like find the nearest distance from the starting point to the ending point, find the distance(shortest) between A and F and so on


Data Interpretation is all about understanding and solving the data represented in a graphical manner or in a figurative manner. You can be asked on bar graphs, pie charts, and other figurative methods of expressing data.


Data sufficiency can be easily solved but I would still recommend to go through any good CAT material and the section of Data sufficiency in it.


For syllogisms, my suggestion is to finish this section from RS Agarwal’s Verbal and non verbal book. Read the nine rules and this will be the most scoring section. One of the examples I was asked on is:

“All books are pens, All pens are erasers” the options were:

1)      All books are erasers.

2)      No books are erasers.

3)      Some pens are erasers.

4)      All erasers are books.

The answer is first option.

This section is pretty do-able, but proper practice is required. Not only in understanding what is required, but also in calculating the options properly. This is very important as the option choices are very close and accurate calculations are required.


2) The next is the English section. This is just tenth class stuff and easy, especially if you were good in the 10th CBSE English. For others, we had Two Reading comprehensions (RC),few fill in the right propositions in the blanks (sentence completion),few identifying the wrong sentences from the given choices, Inferences drawn from the given paragraph.


My observation was that not only me but almost all the students who have appeared for the test had this feeling that English was easy. My only suggestion is that don’t take this lightly and if you have an opportunity please take English grammar tests from some sites which you can easily google it out. I have taken these tests just to calm my nerves before the exam as I was confident but didn’t want to be over confident.

I think preparation on this level is very much enough and don’t even stress it out very much.


The second round was the HR interview.
The Madam was very sweet and warm. I would say the best way to prepare about this is to be calm and have thorough knowledge of your Resume. Things from Resume are very frequently asked. How my interview went on:

ME: Good evening madam.

HER: Good evening Rajashekher. Please take your seat.

ME: Thank you Madam.

HER: Tell me about your self.

ME: I did.(I talked confidently for about 2 mins.)

HER: What activities did you do in your college life, what are your interests.

ME: Public speaking, debates, GD’s, extempore, etc

HER: Talk about history of Hyderabadfor 2 mins.

ME: I spoilt this as I was nervous and wasn’t expecting this. She asked me this because I said I am interested in public speaking and GD. I didn’t get tensed but answered her properly about the entire thing post 1950 as I knew that.

She gave me a paper and asked me choose a topic and speak for it for 2 mins.

ME:  chose “Global Warming” and spoke on that. The other topics were “Impact of IT”, “IT and Agriculture” , etc.

HER: Asked me if I was ready for a puzzle,

ME:  replied in affirmative

HER:  gave me a puzzle, “ If we have a swimming pool square shaped and having 4 coconut trees on the four corners of the pool, and we have double the size of this but not destroying the trees. Remember that the pools area has to be increased .”

ME: The answer is to build a rhombus in such a way that the corners of the square are just in the middle of the sides of the rhombus

She gave me a set of pieces and asked me to build a pyramid out of it

ME:  couldn’t do it. But I kept trying till she said time’s up!!!

The next was a real life scenario where in I am in Infosys and me with an other Fresher and Two senior managers are sent to states on a project. Once in US the three of them were not willing to work and wanted to enjoy and go sight seeing. How would u deal with such a scenario.

Puzzles asked to one of my friends was that ,” if you were given four balls and u are supposed to place them in such a way that all the four have to be equi-distant.

The answer is a Tripod.


Then she asked me if I did any thing innovative in my entire student life other than projects and presenting papers.

ME:  replied, but I didn’t do it to her satisfaction.

She said okay and asked if I had any Q’s

ME: I asked her what “Universal Banking Finacle” is

I think she dint want to reply me and hence said you will get to know about that once you are in the company.

She asked me if I knew how many weeks of training is given to freshers at Infosys.

I replied as I was told about this in the Pre-Placement talk.

She also explained that getting recruited here is just one of those steps and you have to be competitive and write all those tests conducted and maintain a good CGP, to be a permanent member in this company.


Friends, Getting in to Infy is that much easier once you can clear the first round. Just work hard, stay calm, believe in your self, and be confident. They just see how well you can communicate and how easily you give up (no matter what, don’t give up easily in the puzzles especially). The fact is that you should not give up, and keep your focus and mind active. The rough sheets supplied to you will be taken back, so this is very important to use the rough sheets properly.