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Hey My name is Sanal Khan. I wanna thank freshersworld for helping me get through the infosys recruitment. It is important u go through all the previous papers at freshersworld and the books by Shakunthala Devi and George Summer. Once U get through written part your selection chances are high as the elemination in interview is less. For the interview stay confident and cool.
All the best.
1. In how many ways can u mark the sides of a dice provided 1 lies opposite to 2, 3 lies opposite to 4,  5 lies opposite to 6.
2. A very easy question about combinations of 5 paintings.
3. How fast can 2 barbers shave as well as cut the hair of 3 people. Given that both barbers take 15 minutes for cutting hair of each person and 5 minutes for      shaving.
4. A software engineer who has returned from US goes for a walk every day morning at 3 ' o clock. he walks on a level plane @ 4km/h. then he walks up a slope at 3km/h.Then he turns back and decends the slope @ 6km/h and on the level plane @4km/h.He reaches back home at 9'o Clock. What distance has he traveled in one direction?
5. If     I *I = ME.     ME*ME = SHE. Find the value of SHE. All alphebets represent different numbers.
6. another question of same type as 5 but more difficult.
7. A 12 year old girl asks her mother to buy her a bike. Her mother promises her that she would buy her the bike when she becomes 3 times as old as her mother would be. If the mother is presently aged 45, how long will the girl have to wait to get the bike?
8. Dont worry about this question it should be really simple. So I cant remember it.
9.  5 athletes ABCDE return from olympics in a plane. They are seated in a particular order.One of them is gold medalist. Another one is silver medalist. There is also a bronze medalist. The remaining two came at 4th and 5th. For some reason gold and silver medalists lied and the remaining tell truth. If they sit in the order of rank. arrange them.(Some conditions given which I dont remember,.)
10. Complete the series.
     (i) 1, 2, 3, 8, __, 224
    (ii) 1, 2, 3, 5, 16, __