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INFOSYS PAPER AT St. Joseh College Of engineering,Chennai ON 7th july2006

Hi friends

This is rajesh from Hindustan College of Eninering. I had attene the apatitude test on 6th jul and had my interview on 7th july,2006. I have go placed in Infosys. The aptitude round was easy. The questions were mostly from pevious papers. I hope these qustions will be useful to you.All the Best. Hope to see you a infosys campus.

1. A die needs to made with following conditions, 1 and 6 on opposite

sides, 2, 5 and 3,4 respectively how many combinations can be made

in order to make a die with above conditions.


Ans: 48


2. Similar the Celsius-Fahrenheit scale . A different measurement was use in which System A measured 14 and System B 36. Another reading gave System A measured 84 and System B measured 138. At what temperature both System A and B have the same temperature?


Ans: 52.5 degrees


3. Robinson, Peterson and Smith are 3 persons with the following post pilot, engineer and bio-chemist. The following conditions are given.

i. The person who is a bio-chemist is an interpreter.

ii. Robinson is ovi.

iii. Peterson Knows only one language.

iv.  Robinson lost the game of chess with the engineer.

Who is the pilot?


Ans: Robinson


4. Aman has some number of apples. When he arranges them in a row of 3 ,1 apple is left . The same happens when he arranges them in a row of 5,7 and 9. But when he arranges them in a row of 11 no apples are left. What is the number apples aman has got?


Ans: 946


5. A jeweller makes a window display. he has 7 gems of which he needs

to display 6. three on the left side of the pane on three on the

right. with following conditions.

let the gems be Armanet, diamond, emerald , sapphire , garnet, opal

and ruby.


armanet should be always displayed on left side

diamond always on the right

ruby should neither be kept with diamond or garnet.

emerald and sapphire should always be on the same side.


1]what are the possible combinations on the possible for left pane.


a] armanet,garnet , opal

b] armanet, ruby, garnet

c] diamond, emerald , sapphire

d] armanet , emerald, garnet


2]what are the possible combinations on the possible for right pane.


a]diamond, garnet , opal

b]diamond, ruby, opal

c]armanet,emerald, sapphire



Ans 1]a 2]a]

Another 2 more questions were asked in similar way.


6. A horse travels half the distance with no load at a speed of 12 miles/hr. The other hal mile the horse is loaded and it travels with a speed of 4 miles\hr. What is the average speed of the horse?

Ans: 6 miles\hr


  1. One day Harry and I set our watches together. None of us was aware that my watch was getting faster by 2 min per hour and Harry’s watch was getting slower by 1 min per hour. After sometime, we discovered that my watch was 1 hr ahead of Harry’s watch. Can you find out after how long we noticed this ? (3 Marks)


Ans: 20 hrs


8. There is a peculiar island where a man always tells truth and a women never says two 2 consequtive truth or false statements that is if she says truth statement then she says false statement next and vice versa. a boy and girl also goes in the same way. one day i asked a child " what r u a boy or a girl" howver the child replied in their language that i dint understand

but the parents knew my language and one parent replied that " kibi is a boy" the other one said that "no kibi is a girl, kibi lied"(8 marks)

a: is kibi a boy or a girl

b: who ansered first mother or father?


Ans: a.  kibi is a girl

b.  mother answered first.( i think its correct but check it out)


9. We are given 100 pieces of a puzzle. If fixing two components together is counted as 1 move ( a component can be one piece or an already fixed set of pieces),how many moves do we need to fix the entire puzzle.


Ans: 99


10. Complete the series by finding missing number

a. 46656,3125,256,27,__,1

b. 3,10, 7,8,__,12,9,16


Ans:  a. 4   b. 11


After this there was second round for english which was easy.It consisted of

i. Reading compehension

ii. Fill in with appropriate Word

iii. Choose the correct phrase

iv. Choose the correct statement

v. Fill in with appropriate preposition.


All the best.