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Hi All,

I am doing my final year engineering in Chennai. I have been selected for Infosys in the campus recuirment taken place in ST.JOSEPH's college on 6th and 7th July 2006. Totally 2500 students appeared for apty tests from 12 famous colleges in Chennai. They selected 504 students for the final interview and nearly 430 students have been placed after the final interview.

APTY PAPER  :  duration 1 hr

(1) a jeweler makes a window display. he has 7 gems of which he needs to display 6. Three on the left side of the pane on three on the right. With following conditions. let the gems be Armanet, diamond, emerald, sapphire, garnet, opal and ruby.
1.armanet should be always displayed on left side
2.diamond always on the right
3.ruby should not be kept with diamond or garnet.
4.emerald and sapphire should always be on the same side.   (8 marks)

1] what are the possible combinations on the possible for left pane.
a] Armanet, garnet, opal
b] Armanet, ruby, garnet
c] Diamond, emerald, sapphire
d] Armanet, emerald, garnet

2] What are the possible combinations on the possible for right pane.
a] Diamond, garnet, opal
b] Diamond, ruby, opal
c] Armanet, emerald, sapphire
d] Diamond, garnet, ruby

3] If garnet, diamond, opal are on the right side what is possible option for right side.
a] Ruby, Armanet, sapphire
b] Armanet, emerald, ruby
c] Armanet, emerald, sapphire
d] Ruby, emerald, sapphire

4] If Armanet, ruby, opal are on the left side what is possible option for left side.
a] Diamond, garnet, emerald
b] Diamond, sapphire, garnet
c] Garnet, sapphire, emerald
d] Diamond, emerald, sapphire

Approach: using the conditions eliminate the options, you will get the correct answer    

(2) There is a six-faced die. Numbering should be done from 1 to 6.How many ways the numbering can be done, with a condition that 1 and 6, 2 and 5, 3 and 4 comes on the opposite sides of the die.

Approach: fix 1 and 6 on opposite sides. We can fix 2 n5 in two ways and 3 n 4 in two ways
So totally there are four ways. Interchange sides of 6 n 1 we can follow the above procedure to get another four ways. So there are 8 ways
Follow the above method by keeping 3 n 4 and 2 n 5 as fixed.
So the total ways are 8+8+8 =24 ways
Answer: I wrote 24 ways. But my friends said 15. So plz check it.

(3) Temperature systems A & B
 14 in A = 36 in B and 133 in A =87 in B at what temp both will be equal  
Approach: try to form two simultaneous equations and solve u will get the answer as 52.5

 (4) A vendor who is an ex-mathematician has a number of apples and when he arranges them in rows of 3 he is left with one more, when he arranges them in rows of 5 again he is left with 1 more, Same happens with when he tries to arrange them in rows of  7 and 9 that is 1 apple is left extra.
But when he arranges them in a row of 11 he is left with none. Can u tell me how many apples were there? Ans: 946
The no is a multiple of 3,5,7,9 + a remainder of 1. So
3* 5* 7* 9= 945 + 1 =946
946 /11= 86 
So it is divisible by 11 also.

(5)There is a peculiar island where people speak a strange language called 'Kubi'. The men always speak truth and a women never say two 2 consecutive  truth or false statements, that is, if she says truth statement  once then she says false statement next and vice versa. The boys and girls always lie. One day I asked a child  "Are you a boy or girl ?" and the child replied in Kubi. Since I didn't know the language, I asked the child's parents what it means. One of the parents said "The child says, "I am a boy"  and the other said that  "The child is a girl. He lied".
a) Is the child a boy or a girl?
b) Which parent answered first?
Ans: The child is a girl and father answered first.

Approach:  Take the statement "The child is a girl. He lied". If 'He lied' is true, then the child is a girl is a false. Likewise, is 'He lied' is false, then the child is a girl is true => The second statement was given by the child's mother and hence the father answered first.
Take the statement  "The child says,"I am a boy". Since the father always speak the truth, the child should have said that he was a boy. But then the child lies, so he cannot be a boy => the child was a girl.

 (6) Jan robinson, kate jones, john smith are engineer, pilot & biochemist not in the order. they have three martian assistants . as they find difficulty with martian names they gave them nick names as smith, robinson, jones as their masters name.
1.robinson is an yomi
2.all martians speak uri.
3.the martians name is the same as the bio chemist is naim
4.robinson beats engineer in the chess
(one more condition) who is the pilot?
dont remember exactly..
Ans:  Jan Robinson

(7) One day A and B set their watches together. Both of them are unaware that A's watch was getting faster by 2 min per hour and B's watch was getting slower by 1 min per hour. After sometime, they discovered that A's watch was 1 hr ahead of B's watch. How long it takes to have a difference of 1 hr?  
Ans: 20 hrs
 Approach: if the present time is 5 AM. After 1 hr in A's watch the time will be 6.02 AM
And in B's watch the time will be 5.59 AM. The difference is 3 mints. So for the difference of three mints it takes 1 hr. Therefore for the difference of 1 hr (60 mints) it will take  (60*1)/3=20 hrs

(8) A horse covers half of t total distance at 12mph without load and the remaining distance at 4mph with load.  What is the average speed of the horse?
Formula use: 2xy/(x+y)
X=12mph y=4mph
So average speed = 6mph

(9) Series
Ans: 11
Approach: difference between (10,7) (8,11) (12,9) is 3
        Also difference between (7,8),(11,12) is 1

Ans: 4

(10) There are 100 pieces of plastics, connecting two pieces are considered as one move. How many moves are used to connect all 100 pieces?
Ans: 99 moves

Approach: for example for 5 pieces we need 4 moves. So for 100 pieces its 99 moves

duration: 45 mints

Very easy. no need of any preparations...it will be easy if ur good at basic grammar
It consists of
*Selecting the correct word to complete the sentences
*Identify the wrong sentence
*identify the correct sentence

Actually we have been informed that they won't ask us any technical questions so I didn't even touch anything for technical. Our college was called at 12pm for HR round. We enquired the attended students about the interview they also said that they didn't ask anything technical. I was very cool. But it didn't stay for long time.

I was called to panel number 24 (totally number of panels = 24)

Here goes my interview experience

I: excuse me sir!!
HE: come in, take ur seat.
I: thank you sir!
HE: i think u have waited for quite long time. Take some water and make urself cool.
I: ok sir (I drank water in the bottle on the table) and said thank you sir!
HE: hmmm..tell me about your background
I: explained about myself. 
HE: tell something that you dont like
I: i dont like those who comment at the back.
HE: but it happens all around!
I: yes sir, but i can accept criticism. They can tell me directly.
HE: oh! Ok.Tell what you like..
I: i am a self made person. I like to live on my own..blah blah
HE: (sudden reaction) what!!! U dont like to be a self made person is it??
I:sir,u asked me about what i like.
HE: is it..ok..can you tell me what are the subjects u learnt in 3 yrs..
I: we had dept. Subjects only from 2nd semester..we had circuit theory,electronic devcies..
HE: what is circuit theory??
I: i told him it is the basics of our stream..blah blah
HE:what is kirchoff's law??
I: (i was very much shocked to hear that question since even though its basic..i forgot all those laws and i didnt refresh) i don't know sir.
HE: what is electronic devices??
I: i told him..
HE: ok..tell me what is resistor, capacitor etc
I: i told him..
HE: ok where resistor is used??? Tell me some real time examples..
I: i told him its used in FAN
HE : fan a??? R u sure?? Ok tell in which part of fan, the resistor is used? Whether its n regulator or fan?
I: truly speaking i don know the answer..i told him its used in both..
HE: is it??? What is the function of regulator..
I: to control the speed..
HE: how does it works??
I: sir i am a ECE student..i dont know about all these..
HE: what is flip flop??
I: its a circuit which stores one bit of information..it can be either 0 or 1
HE:what is the real time application??
I: (i dont know but i said)its used in switches sir!
HE: switches?? Ohh where..(he showed me switch board) are the flip flops used here???
I: i don't know sir
HE: am i asking anything difficult?? I am just asking u the basic questions..but you are not able to answer!!
I: just kept calm and had little smile
HE: what you have learnt for 3 years????
I: sir, i am quick learner sir..i will manage and kept calm
HE: what quick learner?? What u ve done for all  3 years??
I: kept calm
HE: what is a satellite??
I: i told him..
HE: what are the types of satellites??
I: geo stationary satellite..(i know only this!!)
HE: then,what else??
I: kept calm
HE: can u understand what i am asking??? Your not able to answer any questions properly,i think you have problem with understanding
I: no sir, i am a hard worker and quick learner n kept calm
HE:i dont think so..you are having 80% but your not able to answer any questions..
I:kept calm
HE:i have asked nearly 10 questions but u didnt give any satisfactory answers!!
I: smiled and kept calm
HE: i expected more from you man!!
I: sir i am very sincere to my work sir..
Then he gave me two puzzles i solved one correctly and the other left in the middle...
HE:do u have any questions??
I: i wanna know abt my carrier growth
HE: what you want to know in that??
I: about my growth
HE: how will u perform ?
I: sir,i will do my best!!
HE: you will get the best.
I: thank you sir
HE: Anymore questions??
I: no sir,
HE: thanks for coming,..

I was totally upset after coming out of the panel..i heard all my friends had HR interview that for just 5 -7 mints...but i had for 20 mints!!! I lost my interest and messaged my friends about this. They all convinced me and said that i had a stress interview and those who have stress interview will have the maximum chances of getting in..

I waited for nearly 4 hrs after my interview....all 504  students were called to open air auditorium..they announced results for each college.when i heard my name..i was so happy..i had felt like reaching something...

One thing i like to share for INFY aspirants!!
Try to solve all the old papers and sakunthala devi's puzzles to puzzle you

There s no need of any preparation for VERBAL its like a cake walk..very very easy..
Once you cleared APTY..ur almost 90 %into the company... The remaining 10% as i faced u may have stress interview..stay cool always...have a smile in your face always...he will try to break it..dont show any reaction..have eye contact always..
But mostly u wont have stress interview...it will be very rare...but guys those who r getting stress interview will be selected surely...its a fact...all the students who have attended my panel have been selected except one guy who have wrong information about the company..so be careful about it...