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Hey Guys,

The paper was much easier than any other earlier infosys paper i had ever seen...the hr people are real frank...the more u take it lightly the better u ll b able to perform...

First of all Infosys got a big seminar to give which is quite boring and ll exhaust u. if u can skip it anyhow then plz do skip it. aftr that they got a form u gotta fill up that need ur pic. So please do remember to take ur photograph (passport size). Fill up the form carefully

Aftr that in written test ...first is logical sectionin that they have 10 puzzles weighing 50 marks

puzzles that came in our college were

1. A man walks at 4km/hr for some time then up the hill at 3km/hr and then down the hill at 4km/hr and then through the same plane back to home at 4km/hr...total time he took for it was 6 hrs i.e. he started at 3 pm and came back at 9 pm...tell the distance he travelled one side....

2. There is a painted cube that is divided in 27 smaller cubes of equal dimensions...
tell me the no. of sides-
a)painted on no side
b)painted on 1 side
c)painted on 2 sides
d)painted on 3 sides

3) Find the missing term-
b) oops forgotten

4) A tap can fill a tank in 1hr another can fill it in 3 quarters of an hour....3rd can empty it in 1/2hrs...if the tank is initially empty...how much time is it gonna take to fill the tank when all taps are kept open...

5) A lecturer has to issue 5 books out of t,u,v,w,x,y,z based on conditions-
a) if T is issued X cant be issued
b) if U is issued Y must be issued
c) if v is issued X must be issued
Multiple choice ques------
   (I)  What can be possible order of books that can be issued at same time
  (II)  What book can replace U in the possible order
 (III)  What book cann't be issued if book V is issued
  (IV)  What book must be issued for sure in any case(think so)

6) A,B,C,D brought 20 candies from market for 20 cents.A fudge costs x(figure given there)pennies,2 chocolates cost 1 penny and 4 groundnuts cost 1 penny. What is the quantity of each product they brought. 

7) A theif goes for robbing a jewellery store...he takes half of diamonds and 2 more....2nd come and does same...and followed by 3rd and 4th but when 5th arrives he sees that only 1 diamond is left...how many diamonds were there in beginning..

8) Four friends had stayed together and ordered a pizza...in morning they saw someone of them has eaten it...then all of 4 commented-
a- b ate it
b- d ate it
c- who me?i didnt
d- if b says i ate it then he is lying
tell who ate it?

9) two friends set their clocks to same time.1st one's clock lag 1min/hr and other's gain it by 2 min/hr...aftr sometime when they met again they found that the diff between their watches was 1 hr..tell me how much time ago was their watch showing same time....

10) oops forgotten

Now after that was English test
it is much simpler one
u dont need to prepare english as m bad at english too but even I got selected and didnt feel any need for preparing it...so just chill for that....

the english section consist of type of ques---
1 Reading comprehension
2 Fill in the blank
3 Find the wrong or incorrect sentence
4 Find the correct sentence

All are multiple choice ques...so need not worry the choices differ a lot so u ll find ur ans for sure...

common puzzles for Interview---
1)How to cut a cake in 16 parts in 4 cuts
2)How many trees can be placed equidistant
3)The missing term in the matrix
4)COCA+COLA=OASIS find all they are all different
5)ABCD*D=DCBA(may be)

and other ques they ask u about current affairs, use of anything like stapler, clock and others.....about ur hobbies...about latest technologies...

best of luck for infy friends...