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1. A man asked about last 5 days temperature.one man said, i don no exactly, but each temperature is different.multiple is 12.

2.There r some bees in a garden..1/5th of them went to a particular flower,1/3rd went to another flower,3 times the difference of the above two went to third flower..n one was remaining n it was roaming around..how many bees were there? (3 marks)

3. F,G,H,J,K are some juniors and P,Q,R,S are some seniors...and there are 3 communities Cultural,Recreation n Ethics..n each contained 3 members each..n each one was a member of only one committee..
i)F,Q are in Cultural committee.
ii)P is in recreation committee.
iii)J wont be in a committee where H or Q are there.
iv)G will be in recreation committe if S also works in recreation committee.
v)there will be atleast one senior in each committee.
vi)R wont be in a committee is S is there
 In this 4 parts were there they gave some conditions and asked to choose from the options..(8marks)

4.  X Y Z                                X Y Z
    + A B                                 - A B
  ---------------                            ------------------
  C D E F                               B G A
  find X,Y,Z,G

5. in a party There are 1275 hand shacks so how many members will be there? ans:50

6. .A man have thousand rupees.he wants to distribute tat to his 5 sons.second son will get RS 20 more than the younger one, 3rd son will get 20 more than second and so on..finally how much the youngest will get? (ans:160)

7. Number series
 364, 361, 19, 16, 4, 1, _? (ans+1,-1)
 3,6,13,26,33,66-? (ans:73)

8.  Due to some defect in our elevator, I was climbing down the staircase. I'd climbed down just 7 steps when I saw a man on the ground floor. Continuing to walk down, I greeted the man and I was surprised to see that when I was yet to get down 4 steps to reach the ground floor, the man had already finished climbing the staircase. He perhaps climbed up 2 steps for every 1 of mine. How many steps did the staircase have? Ans:22 steps

9. I went to meet my friend,today is saturday,  he asked me to come 3 days after, the day before, the after tomorrow. wats the day?

10.one wizard is telling that his age is 3 times as his son's age.and his father age is 40 more than twice of his age.how old the wizard is?.

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