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I wrote infosys written on 11th, almost all are from previous models only.

refer these Books,
1.SakuntalaDevi(more puzzles,puzzles to puzzle u) (2 to 3 q's)
2.puzzles and teasers by J.Summers(8 marks Q's)
3.some units frm R.S.Agarwal.

These r Q's, iam not sure abt wording but iam trying

1.one having 1000 rupees want t distribute to his five sons like younger one get 20 rupees more than elder one.wht is amt the younger one get.

2.in a party total handshakes were 1275,then how many attended for that party.

3.one fifth of bees are gone some way,two third of bees gone another way,three times of diff b/w above two gone another way,there is one bee remaining,then how many bees are thr. 

4.i saw my frnd after stepped down 7 steps,he is starting to come up,his speed is double to my speed,when he reached top i have to step down 4 steps. how many total steps r thr.
a:2(x-7-4)=x (not sure)

5.two sequence problems.

6.temp of five days is 12, all days have diff temp then give temp of each day.

7. x y z x y z
(+) a b (-) a b
--------- -----------
c d e f b g a

wht r x,y,z,g

8.one Q's frm J.Summers(8 marks)

9.suresh age is 3 times his sons age.suresh father age in 6 more than twice of suresh. thr sum of ages is 120,wht is suresh present age.

In interview they ask general Q's like Tell me abt ur self,hobbies.......,& simple puzzles frm sakuntaladevi and also puzzles frm written test. be prepared abt current affairs in past one month.

(Paper Submitted By : Vikranth)