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Hi Friends,

This is my first attempt to the Infosys. I hav made it in my first go. Earlier I had an exam of
Satyam but I was out in d first round. So guys after failure success does cum. I wil not tel u to follow a 10 days schedule 4 d preparation infact I did wid my exams in 4 days only. I prepared 4 only 4 days. I wil recieve d leteer in next  weeks here is how d exam was

Apptitude test was as follows----------

1)  Our favourite water lilly ques it was like if one plant fils a pond in 50 days then how many days wil it take to b half filled.  ans  49 days

2)  dis 1 was not difficult but was quite confusing it was like 3 frends bought 20 candies  fudge for 4 cents , choco drop for 4 penny , gitter for 2 penny . how manyof each they bought?
 ans --get d relation of cent and penny i think it was 1 cent - 1 penny

3) A pipe fils a tub in tub in 10 mins another in 1 min, 3rd empties it in 7 1/2 min. how much time to fill de tub if al opened simultaneously

4) visitor and native ques u can find it in last year papers

5) butcher, police previous papers

6) he likes dis poem other like dis and there were some options previous papers

7)dis is new 
 M is sisterof L , N is brother of O's husband, there is 1 grandfather

 N of M tel and a father K . how many male r there ? how many female ?? who is husband of  O? ans-- 4,2,K

8)again old ques like 1/6th of life dis and bla bla bla ans-- 84

9) I thief halh + 2 next haf+2 next haf+2 next haf +2 then only 1 was left how many were there
  ans 76

10)my watch 1 min gain, wife 2 min loss what d difference wil b 1 hour ans  20hrs.