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Hai all,

 Iam Mani Prasad.
I had taken the infy on 28th of May and I had cleared the written and attend the interview on 29th.
Today that means on 9th June I got the offer letter.
I want to tell all of u about my experience.
When I got the Call letter I was very happy bcoz I was waiting for that from 1 year.
I had prepared well and taken the test.
Firstly I completed all the previous papers of 2006 then I worked out the Analytical reasoning of GSR and RS AGARWAL. Only for the 8 marks Questions. That's it. All my preparation is that only.
Infosys 28-May-06 HyderabadWritten Exam Pattern
10 Questions.
3Marks Questions - 3
4Marks Questions - 2
5Marks Questions - 1
6Marks Questions - 2
8Marks Questions - 2
  1. This Question is based on a Race between some persons. A, B, C, D, E & F. A is forward than D, E is second from the last ..Such that I didn't remember Who is the winner?
  2. There was Cycle Race in a Circular Ground. After some laps I found that there was 1/5 th of the total members are ahead of me and 5/6 th of the total members are behind me. What is the total members in the Race?
  3. In a Journey to A to B I traveled with 15mph and in the return journey due to traffic I managed only 12mph. What is the average speed of my whole journey? 
  4. Sorry, I didn't remember..
  5. There was Cube which is painted with red on all the sides. Then it was cutted into 27 equal parts.
    1. How many are there with red paint on all the 3 sides.
    2. How many are there with red paint on all the 2 sides.
    3. How many are there with red paint on all the 1 sides.
    4. How many are there with no paint on all the sides.
  6. A watch was there. It was 1 minute slow per hour in the day time and 2 minutes fast per hour in the night time. It was shown me the same time when I looked it before. After how many hours I had seen it again?
  7. It was from the previous papers. Sachin made 78 more than Azhar. Azhar and Robin both combined 96.like this some conditions are given and they had asked about the total score of the match?
  8. Sorry, I didn't Remember.
  9. Problem on the arrangements. Given that A-E who Speaks Languages Spain, English, Portuguese, French etc. One Speaks 5, One Speaks 4, One Speaks 3, One Speaks 2, One Speaks 1 and Some other Conditions and four Questions asking who speaks which languages.
  10. Problem on Series.
    1. 3, 7, 10, 8, _, 9, 12, 16.
    2. 1, _, 27, 256, 3125, 46656.

Then on 29th I faced the interview. It was a little bit tough for me as I was shivered a little bit in the beginning.
They asked about my Family Details, Current affairs and two puzzles.
I answered only one question.
First Puzzle:- There are 2 Threads which are uneven although their lengths. Each will burn for 60 minutes. You need to calculate 45 minutes using both those threads. You had no watch or anything, just only the threads and the match box.
Second Puzzle:- You are given 8 balls which are common in size, but 1 is defective in them Remaining 7 are equal in weights except that 1. You had find out the defective using the common balance in only 2 iterations. How will u do that.


All The Best Friends...

I want to say one thing Just that 10/7 days preparation before the exam is sufficient and prepare all the previous papers that u can do..