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I am thru the Written Exam, Done with the Interview also need to wait for the interview results
first of all make it a point to practice as many previous year papers as possible.This is most 
important of all. Try to solve them by ur own. Also "Puzzle to puzzle u" & "More puzles" by 
Sakuntala Devi and if still time permits go thru the remaining puzzle books like George 
summers etc...
1)There are A, B, C, D, E, F students they speak one are more than one of english, itali, 
french, Spanish, portueges; B, C speak English. But after D joins they have Spanish as 
the common language
Spanish is most common language
A, B, E have French as common language
C, E has Italian as common language
3 speak portueges
Out of all 1=all speaks 5 Langs, 1= speaks 4 Langs, 1= speaks 3
Langs, 1= speaks 2 Langs,1= speaks 1 language?
then 4 questions were asked based on above data like
1) A knows which languages? 4 options were given (one can easily get the answer from 
the above data and given options)
2) B knows how many languages
a) English, French b)English, French Spanish c)English, French, Spanish Italian 
d)English, French, Spanish, Italian,Portugese
3)and 4) I am sorry i fogot
8 Marks
2) question............Dennis beat jim,Samantha was beaten by Jack
and Tom orderly..........Jim was forwaded by jack and Tom
and so on.......Jack was not the last to reach....Jim was not the first...Who won the race??
Ans) Its simple any one can answer this, the ans is Dennis Jim jack
Tom and Samantha. (may be i missed out some thing in the
3 Marks
3).A cube has its 6 faces painted red. It is cut by 6 straight lines into 27 smaller cubes. 
Find how many smaller cubes are there having: 
(i) 3 faces painted red.
(ii) 2faces painted red.
(iii) 1 face painted red.
(iv) 0 faces painted red???
8 Marks
4) Some children were going for a ride in a "Merry-go-round" rider in an amuzement park.
Among the Bretty told that"Sum of One-Fifth of the guys in front of me and 5/6 of the guys 
behind me equals to the total no.of children in the ride. Can anybody find out the total no. 
of students in the ride" 
Ans) 1(n-1)/5 + 5(n-1)/6 = n on solving we get the total no. as 31
4 Marks
5)Marie went to a restaurant She spent half the money she had and 2 for the waiter, 
Went for shopping spent half the money she had and a choclate for 3rs and then 
Spent half the money so on...... Repeated model from previous papers
4 Marks
6)There are two systems for temperature.The temperatures are no way related to 
practical connection,Their equivalents were shown below. At what value both are equal.
14 26
133 87
3 Marks
7)A series Problems
a)3125 256 27 __ 1 (ans-4---2^2)
b) i forgot this but one can easyly solve if they familiar with the RS agarwal series problems
6 Marks
8) There are two clocks , I set them both for the present time, one watches losses 2 min 
per hour and the other gains 1 minute per hour, When will both the watches show same time
3 Marks
9) Sachin Score 76 more than Azhar, Azhar beats 26 less than Dravid 
Robin scores 28 more than Dravic, some sort of this type.
Find the total Score of all the players.
10) I forgot this Question
Best wishes for all the Job Seekers, Never loose Hope, keep Trying and one day u will surely 
make it
(Paper Submitted By : Deepthy)