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May 10, 2006
PTU Joint Campus Placement at Chitkara Institute of Engineering and Technology
Students Appeared: 2270
Cleared Written: 394
Selected: 250

4 Questions (2x3 marks, 1x8 marks and 1x4 marks) were repeated from last time... as I could recall them. 

Repeated were as follows:
1) A frog was at the bottom of a 30 ft well. It could climb 3 ft during the day and slipped 2 ft at night. How many days would it take to get out of the well? (Similar question has appeared with monkey climbing a tree)

Many guys wrote 28 days for it but I  think it should be 29 days coz it needs to cover >30ft to get outta well. Please consult among ur peers...

2) 4 children buy 20 sweets for 20 cents. Fudge costed 4 cents, 4 toffees came for a penny and x candies came for y cents (x and y were given, I dont rem them). How many candies, toffees and fudges they bought?

U gotta know the relation between a penny and a cent...

3) A shephard counted the number of sheeps and wrote them in coded form using ~!@. U can find this question in paper... I dont remember the numbers exactly... the first was 223 or 225, second was 72. The 4 corresponding symbols were ~!@, @~!, !@~ (see that cyclic order is preserved)

4) A painter painted 7 paintings: W, X, Y, Z, T, U and V

    a) When X is selected, T cannot be selected
    b) When T is selected, V must be selected
    c) when Y is selected, U must be selected

There were 4 objective questions based on these conditions...
    I. Possible combination of paintings
    II. A replacement that can be made in the group eg T replaces Y etc.
    III. If W replaces X, then what can be a possible combination of paintings
Don't remenber the 4th ques. Also the questions and conditions are not what exactly given in the paper, I've written it still so that the question is not new to u when u face it.

5) A couple had triplets - Annie, Fannie and Danny. One of them broke a drum with flour in it and there were foot-prints all around the kitchen-floor. The parents could not tell to whom those footprints belonged coz all of them wore same shoes. Then they asked their children who did it. Annie said "I didn't do it". Fannie said "Danny did it". Danny said "Fannie is lying". Only one of them spoke truth while the other 2 were lying. Whose the culprit?


6) An eight mark question with 4 people having jobs in a store and a few conditions were given. It was a time consuming one.
People were: Mr. Conroy, Miss Annie, Miss Eve, Mr. Davis and Mr. Adam
jobs: Floorwalker, manager, clerk, cashier and buyer

Conditions (all I could recall)

- buyer was bachelor
- manager and clerk were room-mates
- Davis will be the best man at manager and cashier's marriage
- Adam and Miss Eve had only business relation (names may not be right here)
- Mrs. Conroy was upset when her husband told her that his manager denied him a raise.

Who did what?

[I guess these were all the conditions mentioned there... dont worry if u cant solve it, just solve similar questions to get the approach]

7) There were less than 500 students in a school. one-third of the number of students in the school was a whole number and so were one-fourth , one-fifth and one-seventh of students in the school. Whats the total no of students in the school?

3x4x5x7 = 420

8) A questions involving some girls... sorry cant recall it.

9) 10) have to apologize again... cant recall anymore ques

Then there was English paper... 45 questions in 30 minutes. Its very easy. Reading comprehension was so simple that I could answer it without going thru it the second time. It also contained fill in the blanks, sentence correction, re-phrasing the sentences, telling which part of paragraph has errors, telling the meaning of some idioms, filling up the sentences with idioms etc. No need to prepare for it... but no need to take it lightly either. I completed it 5 minutes before the stipulated time.

Interview experinces:



I heard they were asking mostly from the resume... so while entering the cabin I held the resume in my hand. It was a one on one interview. The guy didnt ask for my resume nor for any of my marksheets or certificates...

I had written that I had allergy from mosquite repellents, so that was his first question-
Interviewer: how do u manage to cope with ur allergy?
Me: I close the doors and windows at dusk so that the mosquitoes could not come in.
Interviewer: But that isn't a sureshot way to get rid of them...
Me: Yeah
Interviewer: So what do u do?
Me: sometimes I use the mosquitoe coil as I am comfortable with it... So thats a way out
Interviewer: okay... So I see u've been travelling quite a lot throughout India [I was born in Guwahati, stayed in Delhi for 10 yrs, then in Gujarat for 1.5 yrs and doing my engineering in Punjab]. How has it helped u?
Me: Yes Sir, my father had a transferable job.
Interviewer: How has it helped u? Has it helped u in communicating better?
Me: Yes Sir, a lot. It has helped me to know the differing lifestyles and cultures. It has also told me what do people like to hear. Its been a great expirience travelling. Also India being a sub-continent...
Interviewer: Why is India called a sub-continent?
Me: India is called a sub-continent...
Interviewer: Is India called the sub-continent?
Me: Sir I mean India and its neighbouring countries, is called a sub-continent because it such a great diversity of geography , climate and cultures as they vary across continents. U can travel from one part of the country to another and end up in a whole new world...
Interviewer: So tell me something about Guwahati.
Me: Sir I was born there and spent my first five years there... Sorry sir, I dont remember a single moment from that time. But I can tell you a lot about Gujarat.
Interviewer: Then tell me...
Me: Sir we stayed 100 kms from Mumbai in a small hamlet near Valsad...
Interviewer: Gujarat is a state with lot of industries...
Me: Yes Sir, my father was posted to Atul. I guess u've heard about Lalbhai group...
Interviewer: Yes yes...
Me: My father was posted in that campus. I found the people there very co-operative, soft natured...
Interviewer: Mild...
Me: exactly sir, those people are very mild there and I find these riots and all the violence very politically motivated. I dont think, after the expirence I've had there, that those people can involve themselves in such activities.
Interviewer: So what do u do in ur free time?
Me: Sir I just got an Internet connection at home
Interviewer: HOME???
Me: Sir we are on 6 months training, so when I return home from work... Sir I've mentioned it in there.
Interviewer: Oh yes... you are in the pre-final year...
Me: Sir I am interested in reverse engineering... so I update myself on that front (and blabbed some more)
Interviewer: What do u do in ur free time?
Me: Listen to music, surf internet, I've been an author of 21 poems and do things that all other guys do...
Interviewer: What about reading? What do u read?
Me: Mostly fiction... I read newspaper on daily basis...
Interviewer: Tell me the news of last week... besides cricket and movies.
Me: the reservation controversy, an engineer from India was killed in Afghanistan, the football worldcup is coming up in 29 days...
Interviewer: where is it going to be held?
Me: Germany
Interviewer: Where in Germany?
Me: Sorry Sir, I dont know this.
Interviewer: So haven't gone thru the news...
Me: Actually, I was playing football on my gaming console since last three months, so I just wanted to acquaint myself with the real thing. I am pretty excited to see it.
Interviewer: You being a computer science engineer, tell me about one latest technology
Me: SVG. It stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. Its an XML based on-the-fly image generator. The images created by it can be displayed on any XML compatible browser.
Interviewer: What are Vector graphics?
Me: Sir there exist 2 types of graphics- raster and vector. In raster image, we store the exact image of the memory that is to be displayed on the screen. While in the vector image we store the mathematical formulas which are re-worked when we zoom in. Beacuse of this the images are not pixelated as they are in the case of raster images. The edges of such images are smooth.
Interviewer: Can u solve this puzzle for me... How many squares does the chessboard have?
Me: 64
Interviewer: If u look closely, there are many more squares.
Me: Yes Sir.
Interviewer: Can u tell me the number of squares if I remove a square from third column and fourth row?
Me: [After thinking for somtime, I couldn't arrive at the answer] way more than 62.
Interviewer: Anything that u want to ask...
Me: (Some stupid questions... coz nothin was hittin me at that moment. Finally, I couldn't hold it back...) Sir u haven't even seen my resume.
Interviewer: I have everything in this performa...
Me: Thank You Sir.

[I've left out some finer details but most of the things I've written here are verbatim]

Expirences of other friend who were selected.

Bikramjeet Singh:  Besides the resume, he was asked to kill a fly which was pestering the interviewer... he did it. Its not a joke. U can ask him this at the e-mail I've mentioned. Please attach this mail while askin for authenticity of this info.

Ankit Vasudeva
Interviewer: U belong to Ludhiana. For which 2 industries is it famous for?
Ankit: Woolen and cycle industries
Interviewer: Name 3 companies of each from Ludhiana
He gave the answer chetana-jobs
Interviewer: to which group does pringle belong to?
he gave the wrong answer
he's interested in dealing with stock market... so he eventually diverted the interview in that direction and answered everything to his heart's content.
He was then given a situation in which he had to invest 50,000 over a period of six months and tell the investor about the turnover. He told that he will first buy a second hand machine and hire a good worker and get the market response by distributing the samples over a period of 2 months. Then he will get a new machine based on that response... Then the interviewer asked him: wouldn't big companies like pringle look for fineness in your work? He replied that he will surely pay attention to quality to get good business and besides he will also target small scale indutries...

Anuj Sharma
After the regular thing about the resume, he was asked some absurd questions. Dont rem his expirience exactly... He was asked for the latest gold prices... how do rising gold and oil prices affect our lives. What factors are responsible for the rising prices? 

Ramesh Jolly
He was asked about his girl-friend and everything about their relationship. Are men better or women? Puzzle: India and Pakistan have no man's land in between them. Who will claim the survivors if the plane crashes? "Ma'am, they're survivors. There's no need to claim them." One more puzzle that he couldn't answer.

Other puzzle that guys were discussing:
> how can 14 '4s' be used to total hundred? answer: 10x4 + 4^3 - 4
> How many squares are there on a chessboard?

Other interview expriences:
> Tell me about urself that is not there in ur resume
> Asking everything about the college to which the student belonged to
> Today's headlines
> Parent's job and everything about that
> What do u dont like to do but still do it? (one good answer can be: I accept criticism) 
> What are ur strenghts? Any situation in which u potrayed that strength? (keep atleast one example of every strength and weakness that u are going to mention there. Conentrate on strengths when they ask to tell u something about urself. Avoid as much negativity as possible throughout the interview.)

BOTTOMLINE: Be urself in the interview. If u are going to fake it, those guys will know it. Those guys are top of the line specialists. As I saw it, they gauged with which subject the person was best comfortable with and asked most of the questions from that area only. AND SPEAK GOOD ENGLISH.


Dev Ghai