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I am swarup kshatriya, 2005 passed out fresher .I have done my BE from M.I.E.T coolege GONDIA(MAHARASHTRA).i have given the TEST of infosys on 07 may.

I solved 10 question but i am not selected in it.i dont know why but the question paper was too easy.and regarding the English paper it was also too easy.
i think they are taking the candidate who perform the best in English so plz do concentrate on English also.but my Experience was Best for this test.
Eat lot ,Think lot for Infosys .because it make the Dimaga  ka dahi.so be ready with glucondi also.
here  iam sending this paper to you.
INFOSYS(PUNE)-07-MAY-2006 i am sending the question paper only not the answer because the paper was easy and the other people can also solve it. so plz try to solve it. ok.
1)                  One day I was going somewhere.I found charity 1,charity 2,charity 3. for charity 1,I gave half of the money what I have plus Ru 1.than for charity 2 I have half of the money that was remaining with me plus Ru 2.than for charity 3 I gave half of the money that was remaining with me plus Ru 3.finally I was left with Rs 1 only.what amount I had initially.
2)            "How old  are you,Alchemerion?" asked one of the wizards apperences.the wizards answer with a riddle,"I am  still Very  young as wizards go.I am only three times my son's  age. My father is 40 year more than twice of my age.Together the three of us are a 1240 year old".how old is Alchemerion?.
3)            A 10 digit number has it first digit equals to the  numbers of 1's,second digit equals to the numbers of 2's ....till 9th digit equals to the numbers of 9's and 10th digit equals to the number of 0's.what is the number?.(6marks)
4)            There are 3 tribes - sororreans,who always speak truthfully,Narrorean-always false and Midoreans-truth and false alternatively.
A: 1) I am a sororean.
     2) B is Narorean.
B: 1) I am Midorean.
     2) C is Narorean.
C: 1) I am Sarorean.
     2) A is Narorean.
Find  who is who?     ( 6 marks)
5)            There are 6 people- W,H,M,C,G,F.they  are Murderer,Victim,Judge,Police,Witness,Hangman.The Murderer Was later Hanged.
1)M knew both Murderer and the Victim.
2)Judge asked  C to Discribe the Murder incident.
3) W was Last to see F alive.
4) police Found G at the Murder site.
5) H and W have never met.
Find who is who?( they asked only Who is Murderer
( 8 marks)
6)            Consider the following Statements.
Albert:- Dave did it.
Dave:-  Tony did it.
Gug:-    I did not do it.
Tony:-   Dave lied when he said that I did it.
If any one out of all above statement  is true,who did it?(4 marks)
Q 7)  Professor Kittredges Literature senier includes student with varied tastes in poetry.All those in the seminar who enjoy the poetry of Browsing also  enjoy the poetry of Eliot.Those who enjoy the poetry of Eliot despise the poetry of Coleridge.some those Who enjoy the poetry of Coleridge also enjoy the poetry  of Donne.some of those who enjoy the poetry of Auden also despise the poetry of Coleridge. All of those who enjoy the poetry of Donne also enjoy the poetry of Frost. 
1)Miss Garfield enjoys the poetry of Donne which of the following must be true.
A)She may or may not enjoy the poetry of Coleridge.
B)She does not enjoy the poetry of Browsing.
C)She Does not Enjoy the poetry of Eliot.
D)She enjoys the poetry of Coleridge.
2)MR Huxtable enjoy the poetry of  Browsing.He may also enjoys any of the   following   poet  except.
3)Miss Inoguchi Enjoys the poetry of Coleridge.Which of the following must be False.
            A)She does not enjoy the poetry  of the Auden.
            B)She enjoy the poetry of Donne.
            C)She Enjoys the poetry of the Frost.
            D)She does not enjoy the poetry of Browsing.
            E)She may enjoy the poetry of Eliot.
4)Based on the information provided ,which  of the Following statement
concering the member of the seminar must be true?
A)All the those who enjoy the poetry of Eliot also enjoy the poetry of Browsing.                  
B)None of those Who enjoy Despise the poetry of Auden.
C)Some  of those who enjoy the poetry of Auden despise the poetry of   Coleridge.
D)None of those who enjoy the poetry of Browsing despise the poetry of Donne.
E)Some of those who enjoys the poetry of Frost despise the poetry of Donne.
                     ( 8 marks)
Q 8)There is a wall clock which rings after every precise one hour.when  it was 8 o clock,it rang for 7 seconds.Calculate the total number of seconds the clock ring for ,in the  whole day. (4 marks)
Q 9) If XYZ are there number then (1>=Y>X) and if the XY=Z than find out which is the  condition that must be true?
            E)one more
(4 marks)
 Q 10) In a Race Davis beats Jim.Jack is not  the last .Samantha loses to both Jack and Lucia in the order.Jim beats Jack.Who Won the race?.(4 marks)