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hello all,
on 9th april infosys conducted the recruitment test in our college
JSSATE noida, the pattern was the aptitude and the english paper
the apptitude consisted of 10 puzzles in 60 min and the english paper
was of 45 questions in 30 min
the apti paper was as follows...
q1> a man carried apples there no when divided by 3 5 7 and 9 left 1
apple and the no of apples was completly divided by 11 .find the no of
ans 946
2> a dice contained numbers such that 1 and 6 ,2 &5 ,4 &3 r on opp faces
find no of ways in wich it can occur...
24 ways
3> the same old ciggrate question...
ans 40
4>it was some kazai problem ..i couldn't understand the problem
a wife goes to a party and reports about no of people in the party..
5>u have to find the average velocity ..for two distances it was given
the speeds were 15 and 10 mphs
6>the dogg problem..
three people raced.. their steps were equal in the ratio 28:24:21
and the time taken by them is in the ratio 6:8:9
who won the race
ans dogg won
7>it was about the family ,a man had a doughter the age of son is 5
times that of doughter, wife 5 time of son and his own age was 2 times
his wife..there combined ages is equal to their grandmother who was 81
years of age..
find the age of son
5 y
8>the temparature of the city when multiplied get to 12 and each day
the temparature was distict find each days temperature..
ans : 1,2,3,-1,-2
the logical questions were
9>in the jewellery shop there where two cases left and right
dimond is only on the right
stone starting from letter a was only on left
emerald and saphire always come together 
i exactly dont remember the question but it was simple..
10> there were 4 people grocer druggist policeman and the butcher
named A B C and D not respectively
A and B always gave lift to one another and were neighbours
B earned more than C
the policeman was not the neighbour druggist
the butcher went by foot
similar statements...
english paper
it contained a RC passage.. a very good vocab portion..
and idoms...other were filling preposition
and correcting sentences ..also filing in correct verbs..
thats all i could recall at the moment
(Paper Submitted By : Saurabh)