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this is my first mail to the group
i have attended the infy test on 2nd april. i attended it in chennai.
the pattern was old pattern 10 questions and one hour time...
and english 45 q 30 minutes
i have cleared the test and attended the interview next day at the Infosys campus.
the questions were mostly repeated
Q1): one spider fills  a window with its web  in 30 days. each day it fills exactly the amount present previous day. if two spiders will fill it in how many days? the rate at which both spiders work is same.
this is a old question,
Q2) one arm is bigger than other. if i place 1kg on left arm it weighs 2 melons and if i place one kg on right arm it weighs only 2 melons. the weight of all melons is same. what is it.?
i have not attended this question...
Q3) they have given the room dimensions. 30X12X12. there is a spider exactly in the center of the two side wall on the other  wall. the distance from the ffloor is 1 foot. exactly on the opposite side wall there is a insect exactly  in the middle of the side walls. the distance between the Celing and the insect is 1foot. what is the shortest distance between the two or how long the spider has to travel to catch the insect.
Q4) there are six people and some conditions were given. this  question has come from previous papers.based on this there were 4 questions
Q5) this is also a repeated question.
four girls from 4 different famalies prepare fruit salad of 3 fruits from 4 different fruits. none of the four uses same combination. based on this 4 questions.
Q6) this question is not exactly the same..similar question has come for 8 marks
x y z
+ A B                      
A D B 
x y z
 A B
A G B 
they have asked to find  the values of x,y,x and D
Q7) there were tweleve shrunks. the tide will be blowing at the rate of 1.2 m @
10 o clock a lady wants to board the ship. seeing the tide so high she will wait till 1 o'clock  thinking that she has to take only few to get in. so how many steps she has to take ? this is also a previous question.
Q8) there are two jugs. one can hold two time the other. in the smaller jug 1/2 the quantity is filled with wine and in other 1/4. the remaining part is mixed with water in both he jugs. what is the amount of water and wine present in both jugs?
Q9) a,b,c go for a race. they take 21, 24 and 28 steps.
a 6 steps equal to b's 7 and c'8. so who will win the race?  not exact question but similar one.
Q10) dont remember he queston...
i have done well in the interview. they have asked me to tell what is not present in the resume. they have asked about my project. they appriciated my project work. it lasted for about 20 minutes.
All the best for the job seekers.........
Do never loose hope...
(Paper Submitted By : Akhilesh Chidare)