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Infosys technologies  test held on 2nd April 2006 Sunday at Christ College Bangalore, I attended the test , around 300 to 400 have attended the test & they only selected 35 candidates.
Infosys people today shocked us by changing the test pattern completely.IT'S A MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION PAPER,THERE ARE NO PUZZLES as they used to ask but two parts as usual part1 is like aptitude, reasoning & part 2 is of English test, The test questions which i remember are:
Part 1
First 20 30 questions consist of 50 marks in 45minuts
questions carries 40 marks 2 marks for each question n next 10 questions carries 1  mark.
So the questions I remember are as below:
A paragraph with few statements were given Its based on cricket between India & England, England all out by 38 runs. & some 3 to 4 statements were given like  
i: kumble took 5 wickets or srinath took 3 wickets or one more player name i didn't remeber suppose X took one more run than srinath
ii: if a player run out no credit goes to bowler
& two more statements were there I didn't remember n based on it 5 questions were asked each carrying 2 marks
1> who took five wickets ?
2> how many were run out ?
& three similar kind of question related to given statements
3>4>5>similar questions I didn't remember exactly
Q6>Q7>Q8> Q9> 10> these 5 questions r based on figures given we have take out the odd figure out
then for the next 5 questions again they have given some data like salary, investments, few more things of 5 or 6 people n ther total based on the given data 5 questions were asked.
Then now they have added from question 16-20
Option 1 : statement 1 is sufficient  & statement 2  is not sufficient
Option 2 : statement 2 alone is sufficient &  statement 1 is not sufficient
Option 3 : Both statement 1 & 2 are required
Option 4: both r not sufficient
Based on these again 5 questions few which I remember are
Q16> if x is divided by 2
Stmt 1: remainder is an odd number
Stmt 2:remainder is a multiple of 3
Stmt 1:something was there
Stmt 2: (x-1)<3
Q18>similar simple mathematics
Q19> find the area of the shaded figure(figure consist of circle inscribed in a square the square is a floor n circle is a carpet remaing parts area have to be found)
stmt1: area of carpet is 9sqrft
stmt2: area of carpet is 2.25*(pi)sqrft

Right Triangle:  Q20>   find po(degree of p) RQP traingle    
Stmt1:if PQ=PR
Again 5 more questions based on a para n some statements like a house whose ground floor having one room n 2 floors having 2 rooms n the people living there according to ther habit n all in which room they live something like this  based on it 5 questions
Again similar question like the above there r five houses colored with Red ,Blue ,Green ,black, white
5couples live in these houses So ten people information who live besides each the information is given in 4 to 5 statements n based on this questions were asked .
Part 2:
So this is all about aptitude n regarding English
It contains 30 questions within 30 minutes
Two big passages n questions on it.
Fill up blank with appropriate words.
Then idioms kind of words were given we have to choose its meaning .
Remaining 10 questions were for each questions a paragraph with some information is given then we were having 4 options from which we have to choose the correct appropriate sentence which draws the correct meaning of it.
So that's all I remember about it hope it will help you out So prepare well BEST OF LUCK to all the Job Seekers.
(Paper Submitted By: Farha)