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Its Kumar. After a very long struggle, Finally I have made it thro infosys.  
If you know the procedure of how to prepare the test and what the material needed toprepare for it, then it will be very easy to clear the infy test. This makes the difference of the people who clear the test and the people who does not.
Material Needed :
1.   Infosys Previous Papers(Very Very Important) - Prepare as much as u can
2.      Shakuntala devi puzzles - 2 books ( Avoid fig. Problems)  -  4 days
3.      Puzzles by Ravi narula  -  1 day (Avoid lengthy questions)
4.      George summers ( Just u lookout for the logic of how to solve the problem, don't mind if u get the wrong answer because infy puzzles would be easier than this. )
5.      Puzzles from brainteasures.com (prepare as much as u can)
6.      If possible u can read RS Agarwal Reasoning. ( for 8 marks).
7.      GRE Old edition book(for 8 marks ) - logical reasoning
8.      U can also see the probability and the combinations problems.
9.      puzzles by Mahesh (Interview puzzles would also comes from this book) 
Once if u clear the test, then That's it. 90% of the work is over. In the interview, they will find ur communication skill & ur leadership qualities. They also will give the puzzles to see how u r solving it.
For me interview was going good and it took for 30 more minutes. They were very friendly, It was like a chatting between the friends. While u attend the interview, just u stay cool.
The questions they asked during the interview were
1.      What u learned from your college life -  I said I learned how to move with the people effectively & also I came to know abt the cost of friendship.
2.      They didn't ask one very imp question - Tell me abt ur self.
But guys, u prepare for it. U can say some 10 points but not more than that.
3.      Why do u want to join infosys  - I said, infy is one of the best management company in India, etc., then I also said them the awards received by infosys. Before u go for the interview, u can see infy website, Infy is getting many awards, If u know that, this will add ur value.
4.      One more thing is that U should not praise too much abt the company, and at the same time u have to intimate them, that if u would be appointed for this concern, u would stay here for a long time.
5.      Maintain eye to eye contact. And speak confidently. This is very important.
All the best guys. Work hard, u will get the job soon. 

(Paper Submitted By : Senthil Kumar)