Whole-Testpaper |   11120



Aptitude Questions

  1. A shopkeeper arranges his fruits in such a way that putting say either 3,or 9,or 7 apples in a row each time one apple is left. but when he puts say 11 apples in a row no apple is left.find no. of apples.

    ans: take l.c.m. of earlier three nos. add 1 if divided by 11 fine else  multiply by 2 add 1 divide by 11 .if not divisible keep on repeating. i got ans. in 2 steps.

  2. A problem of staircase:if i start going down, having gone down 4 steps i see x coming up.i meet x in way going down.when i had still  7 steps to go down x had gone up .find no. of steps in the staircase.condition: for each of my one step down  x goes up 2 steps.
    say total no. of steps x

  3. Problem of merrygoround.tom on a merrygoround finds that one third of people ahead of him and  three fourth of people behind him  is equal to the no. of people on the merrygoround.find the no. of people on the merrygoround.
    since merry gorund is circular so

  4. A problem of cards .four persons sitting on a table.infront of each one of them one card is lying not having same colours on both sides.2 blue,2 red,2 green faces. each one guesses the color of unseen face of card .(guesses  i don’t remember) exactly 2 are lying.
    the front faces of card are red,blue,green,red respectively.find the colors of unseen faces of card.

  5. five persons in a conference.a & b can communicate in english.when d joins the only coomon language of communication is spanish. a ,b,e can talk to each other in french only.exactly 3 people know portugese. the number of languages known by different persons are 1,2,3,4,5. some other similar conditions . you have to find answers to four questions based n these facts.

  6. say ona sacle of 100:
    85 have phones,80 cars,75 married,70 have houses. how many minimum persons are married,have phone car and houses on a scale of 100.

  7. some series given
    3  10  20  27  54  61  _
    ans .162
    some other series
    trick: find suare root then add some number etc.

  8. some conditions on x<y<==1,xy==z choose which option would be incorrect. options like:x<y,x>z etc.

  9. afternoon temperatures of five days are recorded.each temperature is different.multiple is 12.


Infosys Interview

  1. Tell us something interesting about urself .   
    A: i talked about my education.

  2. Now about ur extra-curricular activities .say about dancing ?
    A:Yes , I like dancing very much.

  3. What r the things necessary 4 a good dancer ?
     A:Expression,movements,understanding the lyrics.

  4. What attracts u to dancing?

  5. Now about Debates.What topics did u speak in debates?
       A:I can't recall all. some were related to education ,some were social topics.

  6. What was the topic related to education?
       A:Whether literacy is necessary for Politicians.

  7. If u r made the Head of Education Council of India , What changes will u bring about so as to improve the quality and efficiency  of future engineers  ?
    A: I wud see that more importance is given to practical aspects.syllabus may be modified eg   4 comp sc students,  instead of teaching out dated languages , those in demand in the industry shud be taught.and 4 that quality teachers shud b  recruited.(I said little more elaborately on that but this was the jest)

  8. Be more specific.What exactly can be changed about the study pattern to ensure the efficiency?
    A:teachers shud try to develop reading habits in students.In India we students don't do much of reading. Most of us only go thru the syllabus. Instead of loading students with a burden of assignments,they shud be given a particular topic to study and read about in a fixed time, say in one day find out about this Xyz topic. they will then go to  library or search thru net and in this way learn something outside the syllabus. 

  9. How will u ensure they r reading ?
    By holding tests on that topic.

  10. Now about sports.What sports did u play?

  11. Tell us about Arunachal Pradesh.(my college is there)

  12. what r the industries that can  b promoted there?

  13. what r the problems u face there?

  14. how will u arrange a trip 4 four days to AP?

  15. Your final yr project in layman's language.did u test it ?