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Company       : Infosys Banglore.

Test Date       : 22 JULY 2006
Test Center    : Jyothi Engineering College,Thrissur   

1] A cube is painted red. It is then cut into 27 equal cubes with 6 lines. Find no. of cubes with
a) 3 sides painted
b) 1 side painted
c) 2 sides painted
d) no sides painted

2] A man collects cigarette stubs and makes one full cigarette with every 3 stubs. If he gets 27 stubs how many full cigarettes can he smoke.

3] A+B+C+D=D+E+F+G=G+H+I=17. If a = 4, what are the values of d and g. Each letter taken only one of the digit from 1 to 9.

4] There are 20 poles with a constant distance between each pole. A runner takes 24 second to reach the 12th pole. How much will it take to reach the last pole?
5] Two guys are tossing coin with a bet of $1 for each game. After some tosses., one guy earned $3 while the other won three times. How many games do they play.

6] Samantha beat jim.jack was beaten by louise and xyz(dont remember the name) in that order.Jim was not first.Samantha was not last.Jim beat jack.Who won?

7] A boy goes to school from his house.on one fourth oh his way to school,
he crosses a machinery station. And on one third of his way to school, he crosses a Railway station. He crossed the machinery station at 7:30 and he crosses the Railway station at 7:35. When does he leave the house & when does he reach the school ?

8] An artist has exactly seven paintings --- ,T,U,V,W,X,Y, and Z -- from which she must choose exactly five to be in an exhibit. Any combination is acceptable provided it meets the following conditions:
* If T is chosen , X cannot be chosen
* If U is chosen , Y must also be chosen
* If V is chosen , X must also be chosen

a) Which one of hte following is an aceptable combination of paintings for inclusion in the exhibit?
A. T,U,V,X,Y
B. T,U,V,Y,Z
C. T,W,X,Y,Z
D. U,V,W,Y,Z
E. U,V,W,Z,Y

b) If painting T is chosen to be among the paintings included int he exhibit which one of the following cannot be chosen to be among the paintings included in the exhibit?
A. U
B. V
C. W
D. Y
E. Z

c) Which one of the following substitutions can the artist always make without violating restrictions affecting the combination of paintings given that the painting mentioned first was not, and the painting mentioned first was not, and the painting mentioned second was, originally going to be chosen ? 
A. T replaces V
B. U replaces Y
C. V replaces X
D. W replaces Y
E. Z replaces W

d) If the artist chooses painting V to be included among the paintings in the exhibit, which one of the following must be true of that combination of paintings?
A. T is not chosen
B. Y is not chosen
C. U is chosen
D. W is chosen
E. Z is chosen

9] There are 3 persons.....jane robinson, smith paterson and one more, they are pilot,engineer, biochemist....but not in that order....based on that some conditions given we have to find who is pilot? 

10] I forgot it was easy


1] Cut cube in breadthwise, lengthwise and heightwise using 2 lines on top, 2 in frontand 2 on the side faces to form one large cube with 27 small cubes in it.
a)corner cube has 3 sides painted.1*8corners = 8
b)1* 6faces = 6 cubes C he t a n a S
c)Each edge has 1 cube with 2 sides painted.1* 12edges =12 cubes.1 cube at the center has no side painted. also 27 - (8+6+12) = 1 cube.

2] 40

3] a = 4 ,b = 2, c = 6, d = 5, e = 3, f = 8, g = 1, h = 7, i = 9.

4] 41.45 seconds (Let the distance between two poles = x, Hence 11x:24::19x:? )

5] 6+3=9

6] Samantha

7] 7:15 - 8:15
 x/12 in 5minutes
 so x/4 takes 15 minutes
 hence the boy left home 15 min before

8] Try it Urself, its simple.

9] Jane robinson

Shortlisted were those who got more than 9correct ans in puzzles.