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Number of people attended from CBIT: 220
Number of people selected for Interview: 120
Finally: 85

My Experience:
HR's two people ready to start the decider 10 minutes of my career.

HR's: Sign your Resume and give... I gave it
HR2: Tell about your strengths Weakness and Interests
Me: Told that I have Strong Communication and Presentation skills and told them about the presentation for which I won prize.
HR2: I will give you one minute speak about any topic of your Interests It should not be related to you and academics
Me: I spoke about my favorite topic Astrology now HR1 Interrupted and from that he asked me a question he was bit impressed by my answer.
HR2: Asked my weakness
Me: I told I am emotional
HR2: How will you overcome?
Me: Told about that.

Now comes the Puzzles round

HR2: Two twins are celebrating their Birthday but elder brother is celebrating the next day the younger brother celebrates means if younger celebrates on 17th elder celebrates on 18th explain the Situation?

Told him some what 50:50

HR2:You are In a room it has two doors from one door a dragon is continuously firing and from another door there is magnifying glass from which sun's ray's are continuously passing now how will you escape? Condition the doors are not opposite

Ans: I will escape in the Night as at night time no sun rays.

HR2: Okay do you have any questions
Me: Sir what are the current project's going on in Infosys?
HR2: You will come to know once you join the organization.
HR2: Anymore questions
Me: No Sir
HR2: All the best Rahul.

I left the room and after long wait results were announced I was happy to see my name in list. 

Test Pattern
Analtyical: 10 puzzles 60 minutes 50 marks
Grammar: 45 questions 45 marks
    Fill up right word
    Mark incorrect sentences
    Mark Correct sentences


1:Four  Persons one of them is telling truth some names like Ann,Don,Guy,Tom were given the person who spoke the truth was the culprit. Each of them gives a statement (Sorry I don't remember it)
Ans:Guy is the culprit.

2.My Grandfather brought a clock at 8o clock it strikes for 7 sec.How many seconds it strikes each day on whole.
Ans: 132

3. There was a race going. The participants are Dennis, jack, samatha, Jim, Louise. Louise was not the last person. Dennis beat jack. Samantha was beaten by Jim and Louise in that order. Jack was not the first person. Jack beat Jim. Who is the winner?
Ans: Dennis.
Order was: Dennis, jack, Jim, Louise, Samantha

4. "How old are you,Alchemerion?" asked one of the wizards apperences.the wizards answer with a riddle, "I am still Very young as wizards go.I am only three times my son's age. My father is 40 year more than twice of my age. Together the three of us are a 1240 year old".how old is Alchemerion?.

5. There are 3 tribes. Sorobean aways speaks truth. Narobean alwaz lies. Midorean speaks truth and false alternatively but whether he speaks truth or lies first cannot be detemined. From the statements find who belongs to which tribe.   
A: I am a sorobean
     B is a narobean
B: I am a sorobean
    C is a midorean
C: I am a sorobean
     A is a midorean

Assume one person as sorobean at a time and try match his statements with that of others. If the statements match, the assumption is right else wrong. Eg. Take A as sorobean. Then his statements must be true. So B is narobean and C midorean. Then one of the statements of C should support A. But here C contradicts A. So our option is wrong. Similarly take B and C.
Ans: A-Midorean, B - Narobean, C - Sorobean

6. Mary had some amount of money in her purse and she went out. She first spent half of her money in shopping and then donated a rupee to a beggar. Then from the remaining money she spent half of her money in dining and gave rs.to the waiter. From the remaining money she invested half the money and brought flowers and finally she had 1 Rs left. [The question is something like this. I am not sure about the figures]. You are supposed to find the actual amount of money Mary had with her in the end.
The correct answer 42

7.Murderer Victim Judge Police I don't remember the question very lengthy (8 marks)

8.Some who like A's poetry also Like B's Poetry
Some who like B's poetry hate C's poetry
And more statements like this
4 questions were asked very very easy. [8 marks]

9. Q 9) If XYZ are there number then (1>=Y>X) and if the XY=Z than find out which is the condition that must be true?
A) Z=0
C) Y>Z
D) Y<Z
E) one more
(4 marks)

Y>X>1. So Z cant be 0
X<Z not true since X<=Z
Y>Z not possible. Y always less than Z
Condition D is satisfied.
So the ans is Y<Z

10. 3) A 10 digit number has it first digit equals to the numbers of 1's,second digit equals to the numbers of 2's ....till 9th digit equals to the numbers of 9's and 10th digit equals to the number of 0's.what is the number?.(6marks)
Ans: 2100010006(Trial and error)

Thats all....   Rahul Janwadker.