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Hi Friends,

This is Ranjith Kumar. I completed my BTech and I attended the infosys off campus which was conducted at CBIT on 30th july 2006. I performed well but i am not selected because of higher cutoff. i am giving my experience it will be helpful for u


1. Three types of fruits Candy, Chocolates, Gumdrops are available. And totally there are 20 fruits and it costs 20 cents. Candy cost 4 cents and 2 fruits of Gumdrops costs 1 penny and 4 fruits of Chocolates costs 1 penny. how many  fruits of different types are there. 
SOL) Actually I did not attempt this question bcause I don't know the relation between penny and cent. Later I came to know that penny and cent are equal(not sure).

2. A five digit no whose third digit is one greater than the sum of the first two digits and the third digit is double the fourth digit and fourth digit is double the fifth digit and second digit is greater than first digit by 5. and if we multiply fourth and fifth digit we get third digit.
  SOL)     16842

3. Two persons met each other. One person is having certain age and the other person is having half the age of first person plus seven years. After 10 years they got married the bride age is 30 years and the groom's age is 9/10th of the bride. What is the groom's age.
SOL)  let the age of first person=x
                 Then the other person's age is x/2 + 7
After 10 years they got married means
X+10 and x/2 + 7 + 10
And x+10=30
Then x=20          and x/2+7+10 = 20/2 + 7 + 10
                                                     = 10 + 7 +10
                                                     = 27
Hence the groom's age is 27

4. Four friends r chatting in a room . one by one entering into the kitchen room and they r taking the samosas(some item) and returning. After sometime all the members went into the kitchen collectively then they found that no samosa is available(some item). Actually one samosa should be available. But one among the four had eaten the samosa.Among the following options only one person is telling the truth and remaining are all lying.
A. B ate it
B. D ate it
C. I cant be
D. B says lie whenever he says I had eaten
SOL)  B: D ate it( check once)

5)  Two pipes r filling the tank 10 min and 15 min respectively. And the tank is having leak and it is taking 7 1/2 minutes to empty the tank. Three r simaltaneosuly opened and how much time it will take to fill the tank
SOL) I think it's a very simple problem . it is from r.s.agarwal. 
1/10 +1/15 - 2/15
= 30 min

6) Five thief's are decided to stole the diamond from a jewellery shop. First person went into the shop and he stolen half of the diamonds plus 2 and the second person went into the shop and he stolen half of the remaining plus 2 and the third person stolen half of the remaining plus 2 and the fourth person stolen half of the remaining plus 2 when the fifth person entered into the shop only one diamaond is left. How namy diamonds are there in the shop?
SOL)   let us think there r x diamonds in the shop.
       First person went and taken half of the diamonds plus 2 i.e x/2 +2
Then the remaining diamonds are x-[x/2+2]  = (x-4)/2
second person went into the shop and taken half plus 2
=(x-4)/4 + 2
then the remaining diamonds are (x-4)/2 - ((x-4)/4 + 2) and this will be continued
and the answer is 76

7) Two friends are playing a game. They had abet of $1 for every match. A won 3$ and where as B won 3 matches. How many matches are totally played
SOL) this question if from shakuntala devi (more puzzles) book.
B won 3 matches means he won 3$ 
Then A won 3 matches means he won 3$
Here both have won 3$ which is equal.
And at last A won 3 mathes  which he won 3$
So totally 9 games are played

8) cubes problem i.e is from previous papers](12 marks)
the surface of the  cube is painted with red colour. By six straight cuts 27 cubes are formed then
a) how many cubes are there with 0 side red colour
b) how many cubes are there with 1 side red colour
c) how many cubes are there with 2 side red colour
d) how many cubes are there with 3 side red colour
SOL)         0 faces coloured-1
1 faces coloured-6
2 faces coloured-12
3 faces coloured-8

9) This is also from previous paper i.e(12 marks)
English Spanish French Portuguse Italian
Who will talk 5 languages ,4 , 3, 2 and 1

10) this is kazai problem I don't remember (6 marks)

8 and 9 are very very very important questions pls be thorough on that questions.

if there r any mistakes pls forgive me


(Paper Submitted By : Ranjith Kumar)